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August 16, 2012

Instead Of Corona
Thursday. To bed reasonably early (I think - have I forgotten already?), up before the alarm this morning to head out and back from breakfast, home now with the laundry well on the way to being done. We'll flip the mattress before making the bed again and see if that has any effect on my waking up at night (with a sore whatever side I was sleeping on). Hup (and all the rest of that).

So the day starts well? The laundry done and all?

I have that dry, somewhat foul mouthed taste at the moment, so we'll see how that develops. Otherwise the attitude is good and we'll lie down now to see if we can duck out on whatever the uninvited dry-foul tasting mouth might be bringing. (Damned mouth. Mumble.)

Later. Laundry's done and folded. I never quite got around to attempting a nap, as the dry mouth, floating head thing, seemed to lighten up. Well, maybe not “lighten up”, not when you're describing a “floating head”, neither of which makes any sense, but gives a hint of something you don't want to experience in the late mornings. I still suspect the sinuses are at the root of it, maybe a little alcohol later to see if it helps.

Off to the lesson in less than an hour, we'll see if a nap isn't in order when I get back. We are ready for our lesson, right? I would think so after all the practicing I was able to get in this last week. Hup? Mup?

Later still. A decent lesson. We're going over Cinnamon Girl again for next week in addition to some new somewhat difficult to finger chords, which is good. I'd like to be able to one day play Cinnamon Girl in a way that approaches actual music (I would) and, I suspect, the more chords we pile on, the better.

You've been using this cheesy “play one day” routine way too many times now for comfort.

We do our best. Lunch at the usual place after the lesson - half an egg salad sandwich, ice cream and lemonade - home now to take a nap. I clearly need a nap. What I was describing as a foul mouth, floating head feeling was pretty much gone by the time I got to the lesson and hasn't come back, floating or on its feet. Which is good. A nap and now a trip downtown later to photograph this Bradley Manning demonstration I've been hearing about.

Later again. A bus downtown to see what the Bradley Manning demonstration might look like. Arrived a little early, didn't feel all that great, noted the three or four people who'd arrived with signs and such about twenty minutes before it was to start, said the hell with it and returned on the bus to pick up a bottle of Corona (feeling crappy and buying a bottle of beer?) and went home. We are home.

Nothing worth watching at six (a series called Fat Friends about, well, the trials and tribulations of being overweight, for god's sake) so a little guitar and then to bed for a nap? At what, eight? Might do that.

Drank the beer, played a minimal amount of guitar, took the nap in response to the onset of a slight “event” (feeling crappy and buying a bottle of beer?), up now at nine thinking I'll at least play a couple of more minutes and then go to bed again. Something different than I've been doing is needed for tomorrow.

No more beer?

Maybe Guinness instead of Corona.

The photo up top was taken of the Meshugga Beach Party band at the Oakland City Center yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR Micro lens.