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August 4, 2012

Have To Wait
Saturday. To bed at a decent hour, bailing in the middle of a Sherlock Holmes episode I hadn't seen before on Public Television. Ah, well. Up at seven, off to breakfast and back on an overcast Saturday morning, some thought of photographing both the Nihonmachi festival in San Francisco and Art and Soul in Oakland today. Well, as said, I'm thinking about it. Both in one day? Still, opportunities come along when they come along, best to take advantage, pooped for the effort or not.

Later. An error on my part, setting out for Art and Soul at noon and finding, when I arrived, it started at two. It starts at noon tomorrow. OK. I'm downtown, most of the places I might go to sit over a cup of coffee or lunch can't be reached inside the Art and Soul fence line, so I got on BART and went to the Nihonmachi Street Fair, thinking I would indeed take in Art and Soul when I returned later at four.

Nihonmachi wasn't as large as it was last year (I don't think, I could be confusing it with one of the other events), not as many booths, stages or people, but I (like a good scout) walked up and down taking pictures for at least an hour, finally succumbing to lunch in the Korean restaurant I've gone to when attending these things in the past. The woman behind the counter said hello, saying she recognized me, but I'm sure she recognized the guy with all the cameras I was carrying than the guy himself. Be hard to remember someone who comes by so rarely when so many others come in and out every day.

But hey, so what? A seafood lunch with all the various Korean style vegetable dishes and a small flask of sake, except they didn't have the small flasks, so they gave me a big one somewhat more than half full. I'm afraid. Still, I had some sake, and that I suspect wasn't the problem, the problem was taking in two events, traveling on BART and the bus including standing on the crowded 38 Geary bus, all in one long stretch.

Art and Soul was going full tilt when I arrived dragging my, well, cameras. It was still overcast with just the slightest occasional brush of rain, nothing to worry about, but I assume it may have kept the crowd down. Lots of people attending, but not as many as I remember in the past. Six music stages, the same lines of tables selling art and handcrafts and the like. I'd read there was a photographic exhibition, all the photographs having been taken within two hundred yards of City Hall. I suspect I'll search it out tomorrow because I was able to last but forty five minutes shooting not very many pictures before heading home, tired and aching in need of a nap.

An hour in addition to the almost two hour nap you took after breakfast before setting out?

Indeed. It's early evening now as I write. I did nap for well over an hour this morning and then for an hour just now, getting up to watch a Martin Beck episode at six that I've seen before, if you can really say I was watching, more lying back in the chair and deciphering the occasional subtitle that whim and brain allowed. But we're feeling better now. We are, bitching aside.

Art and Soul again tomorrow to gather enough pictures to put together an artandlife section, we'll see if I was able to squeak out enough for a Nihonmachi section too. No way I'm going to repeat the two sessions today again tomorrow; enough photos for sections or not, an early tomorrow morning miraculous second wind blowing in or not. We do repeat our mistakes more often than we like, but not on the very next day. Right?


No time on the guitar yet, we'll see if we can get in maybe thirty minutes. I've built up a head of practice steam these last two days, don't want to let it all peter out. Right? Hup?

Evening. Well, later in the evening. To bed early, I think. Get ready for the morning. The guitar will have to wait.

The photo up top was taken in Dunsmuir, California on Tuesday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.