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August 23, 2011

Practice Is Done

Tuesday. Up again with the alarm after a decent night's sleep. To breakfast and back. There's a low lying fog this morning, but the sun was breaking through as I was driving home and it's going to be a warm sunny day. I'm to the point I could do the laundry and doing it would be an excuse to stay inside this morning and practice. Normally I'd put the laundry off for many more days, even weeks, but what the hell, with my lesson coming up tomorrow, doing the laundry will keep me inside through the morning and make that much more time for the guitar, otherwise I'd head out the door for my walk.

Plenty of time yet to wriggle out.

I need to go over those riffs for the lesson, for me, if not for the instructor. I missed a day on Sunday, yes, but otherwise it's been going right along (hup, hup) and I should be ready tomorrow. What else would get me talking about laundry this early in the morning?

Later. Two hours total, four loads, an hour and a half in the drier, the drier starting half an hour into the wash cycle when the first two machines have finished. Trivial, really, why talk about it?

Still, two sessions so far on the guitar, each some twenty minutes or more, another thirty minute session now to finish the morning before the laundry is done and I'm heading out with a camera. Good. Just like people who are said to have their act together. Nice to experience such once, sometimes twice in a month.

Later still. Out the door at noon as soon as the laundry was done (folded and hung) thinking to bring a camera with a longer lens than I'd brought yesterday, remembering the pelican who'd been sitting close to the shore. No chance I'd see one again, they don't show up at this end of the lake very often, but nothing wrong with bringing a telephoto as I do it much of the time. Makes you see the world at a different angle, charges the imagination, makes for better pictures.

Arriving I saw five pelicans in the distance on the other side. Interesting. Almost as if they'd been waiting. No chance they'd swim to my side, little chance I'd wait to see if they might, but they were swimming together and then suddenly made a left and swam toward me. My, my.

Not sure I like the quality of the images, have to think about that, I was using a good quality 135mm lens on a 1.5 factor DX body (making it roughly 200mm), but maybe the white against dark water, the fact I was shooting at 1/200th of a second (at f 8) or whatever made them look off in Photoshop. But that's my problem. Call it Kismet. Call it luck. Either way a good way to start a walk.

So back two hours later after a tuna fish sandwich and an iced tea at the usual café (took them forever for some reason to get it together) so we'll sit down with the guitar for another hour, go over the blues riffs, go over the barre chords later in the early evening. Should be good, I should be ready - hup! hup! - tomorrow.

Which means you're worried.

I'm always a little worried. But just a little, I don't get too heavily into angst over this stuff. Too many opportunities for angst in this life, no reason to go out and look for it. Still, a bit of motivation is good. Rather like sugar.

Evening. OK, what can I say, a good day with the laundry done, the guitar practicing done, the day done without my being done. Any day is a good day when you're not done in, whatever done in might mean.

Some time back after an MRI showed my sinuses had become impacted with an infection, in addition to antibiotics that cured the problem, the doctor had me start “irrigating” my sinuses. Sounds icky, but it isn't. A small plastic tea pot shaped thing into which you empty a small packet of salt, add water and run through your nose, first one nostril and then the other.

Again, it sounds icky, at least it did to me when he first mentioned it, but it's straightforward and easy. I stopped after the first few months, but started again about a month ago when I realized my nose was getting stuffy again when I got up in the mornings. It seems to have had an effect. The sinuses clear up easily now and the head is better. Better is better. I repeat, repeat myself (hup, hup), but that's the idea.

So again, a good day, the sinuses clear, the air cool, the attitude better. And the guitar practice is done.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.