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August 7, 2011

Worries Like Those

Sunday. Good, we're up, having awakened half an hour earlier than we usually do when setting the alarm. Not a surprise as I got to bed last night before nine. Tired? I guess. Whatever it did it resulted in a long, if not a good night's sleep.

Long as opposed to good? Are we going to bitch and moan about something now?

Of course. Now and again I sleep on one side too long and for the last couple of nights I've awakened in the middle a couple of times to turn over. Why awake to turn over? The left leg up around the thigh and hip really hurt. Went away after a bit of walking. I'd worry about it, but it's come during short periods in the past. I think I ended up replacing the bed at one point years ago thinking it had something to do with that. Odd. But we've mentioned it now in passing. Made me hobble about for a while like Chester in the Gunsmoke series or like any number of old coots in westerns and such. Old coot. Toot!

Anyway, to breakfast and back before eight, the sky overcast and cold enough to head out wearing a winter coat. They're saying clear inland later today, but not necessarily here on the coast. OK. Summer in the Bay Area. Comes with the territory. At least it makes for good photographic light. Pluses and minuses in everything, I guess.

Later. I mentioned the Fremont street festival running yesterday and today. Yesterday, no way, maybe today. It's two blocks from the BART station. It's actually three on the map, but I suspect two sounds better when you're writing the advertising flier. Two - three, I'm not to the point where it matters much. Too much. It does in the dark. In a strange city. No lights. It is noon now. After all.

Later still. I packed the cameras and headed out for the bus stop, stood at the bus stop in the cold for a while, thought about it and headed back to the apartment. I went out later, still with the winter jacket, had coffee and a piece of cake (of some kind) at the usual place, headed home and picked up the guitar. We have been playing guitar. We have been somewhat deficient in our practice time these last two days, time to catch up. Hup. Hup.

We'll finish out the evening with a visit to the sushi shop, have our usual fare and take it easy for the rest of the evening. A slow day, but a good day. I think. Why do I have to travel here or there to have a good day? We can have an indoor day where we watch the ball game and screw around with the computer. We can. I can. Really.

I think your batteries need recharging. You're running out of current.

It used to be gas. Running out of gas.

Gas you've got. Too much gas. Running out of gas is not your problem.

Evening. A bit of sushi, a bit of sake, back to the apartment before six to pick up the guitar. A decent set of sessions today, we're making progress. Nothing much on television. I don't really want to watch another adventure with Hercule Poirot. I'm afraid I've grown away from the old English boardroom fantasies and find some I once liked unwatchable.

We'll worry about that later. I'll worry about many things later, keep the list of current worries down to one or two. Should I take a walk now or take a walk later? Should I eat lunch now or eat lunch later? Worries like those.

The photograph was taken walking along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.