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August 6, 2011

If It Matters

Saturday. Alright, home early last night more than a few sheets to the wind, up this morning without the alarm at six-thirty, to breakfast and back by eight. We had our little outing last night and, to tell the truth, it was a lot of fun. I got a bit twisted, but nothing too over the top. Close, but not over, not across. How long do I go before I do it again? I suspect it will be a while.

Anyway, we'll see if I get one of those swell ocular migraines later today. I said they seemed to be correlated to alcohol, coming along a day or so later, but I'm not altogether clear on the timing. But that's the science experiment I talked about, might as well get some (more) good out of last night. Enjoyed seeing those three bars/lounges we visited, all three were a treat.

Even in a fog?


There's a festival this weekend in Fremont. Best to check the map, see how to get there. I'm feeling pretty good, last night's adventures ended reasonably early in the evening and maybe that's helped whatever was due the day after to not show up. Fremont, though. We'll see.

Later. A walk late this morning by the farmer's market, a decent crowd as the sun was breaking through, on to the morning café for a poppy seed bagel and coffee. Not really hungry, but a plain not toasted bagel seemed a decent compromise.

Back then to stop by the white columns on the lake to see what these people were up to. I'd passed by them heading for the café when there were but two or three people standing beside their drums and such, wondering what they were about.

Anyway, they were chanting/singing and practicing whatever they were up to, obviously not their first outing. You can't really get an idea of it without a sound track, but a picture or three if only to have taken some today that included people and movement. What the two in front of the group were doing I'm not sure. It didn't look totally like dancing, more like Kung Fu. Choreographed Kung Fu? I'm obviously out of touch with today's world.

Note: I checked the logos on their yellow t-shirts - The "International Capoeira Angola Foundation" - and looked it up. Out of Africa, through Brazil and now here in Oakland. Why not?

Feel fine, the head has been better on other days and in other times, but not a lot better, no sign of anything to cause me upset. I walked on from the columns and sat farther on down on a bench for a while taking a picture of this one lone seagull. Nothing to the picture really, I knew it as I was taking it, but I liked the look he was giving me as I snapped. Amusing, sitting by the lake. I'm easily amused.

Later still. A nap, some guitar but not enough, maybe something to eat later. Life in the last lane: it's slow, but it's nice.

Evening. The day has drifted into evening. A walk earlier down the way to deposit a check in the ATM just to get outside. I passed this Harley parked out in front of the Heart and Dagger Saloon, an appropriate name and place. One hopes it's all show and no go (as in guns and knives and apple pan dowdy), but they're kind of a kick. Art and life on a bike parked next to a saloon.

A bit more guitar, I think, and then to bed. Maybe there's something on television, maybe I'll take a crack at finishing the movie I've been working on that's been sitting in my player now for the last week. I'm either getting smarter and more discerning in my old age and declining to put up with the current cultural norms or I'm winding down in the usual fashion, one brain cell at a time. I no longer wonder if it matters.

The photograph was taken at the Art Murmur on 25th Street with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor D lens.