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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Family party on Bainbridge Island

August 22nd, 2003

Were You?
So, I purchased the necessary items for Emmy: Two cans each of Max Cat (MSW's recommendation), Natural Balance, Evolve, Whiskas and Wysong (something or other) in various combinations of Turkey, Chicken, Tuna and Liver, some of which are rumored to contain the actual meat advertised. Portions of the actual animal advertised. They should at these prices. Except maybe for the Whiskas. Proletarian Whiskas. The Whiskas are there to be sure I have a mass market fall back position (riddled with sugar and chicken hormones) in case this other stuff proves inedible. Price and label do not necessarily a happy cat make. I'm looking for one she doesn't throw up. I may have to settle for one that doesn't stain the carpet (too badly). Her longevity I'll worry about later.

There are people in this world dying of starvation who would happily thrive on this stuff. What does that say about life on the planet? Nothing I am able to understand, nothing that makes me stop feeding my cat. Emmy could easily survive (sleek coat and whiskers) eating nothing but the dry - balanced - no cholesterol - not too much excitement cat food I have in the cupboard, but I buy her this can with a pretty label stuff that makes me feel better as I dish it out in the morning on the floor. Well, on the dish on the floor in the kitchen. Thus a Saturday afternoon passes into evening in August.

I had breakfast at the usual place, bought more peaches and plums on the way home, ran into a hundred or so Lesbians marching against Prop 54 (Barring state and local agencies from collecting and analyzing data on race and ethnicity.) and shot some pictures balancing my camera and bag of peaches. Do you have Lesbian outbreaks against the government where you reside? Doesn't phase anyone around here, but then I've lived here for a long time. Who knows what goes beyond the bridges? In New York is was west of the Hudson. Everything west of the Hudson was Indian territory. It really is Indian territory now, but that's only because of the casinos.

A walk through the Oakland Chinese Street Festival this afternoon. I'm not sure I shot a single picture. Odd. My heart wasn't in it under a bright hot sun, so I wandered over to PCB and had a Chicken Caesar and a root beer out on the patio. No need for a Guinness. Have one now sitting to my left on the desk. I didn't know about Guinness when I was young. Mistake. I was prone to mistakes. Were you?

The photograph was taken at a family reunion on Bainbridge Island.