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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Family party on Bainbridge Island

August 22nd, 2003

Before Night Falls
Sitting with one of the company managers at the end of the day today: "What have you got planned for the weekend?", the usual banter, then the remark everyone was looking for a job outside the company, made in the sense, well, yes, of course, why state the obvious? Manager, programmer, techie, we all understand we're history. There's no long term anymore. Closing down? Probably. Makes sense. Expensive to be located in Oakland, don't you know, nobody's really questioning their judgement.

It's just we spent so much money on brain dead projects, brain dead from the day they were devised with mid level management sweating like pigs to keep any hint of bad news from reaching the top while the top was aiding and abetting in deep denial. Techies, for all our limitations, don't like failed systems - if the idea is to make the computer blink, you make the computer blink - we don't like projects started with the unspoken knowledge there's no chance for a successful resolution. Yet this is the corporate culture. Dilbert, a cartoon strip, is a more accurate and serious commentary on corporate culture than you'll find in the financial or the computer press. The real deal in four daily panels.

You've covered this territory, I believe. More than once.

There's a voice inside that thinks repeating the obvious will get me off my duff (up! up!), so it cajoles near my ear as I'm sitting here searching for subjects. Useless, of course. I won't get off my ass til the sky comes down. That's not really true, I exaggerate, you guys know that. I can think of one or two transitions where I danced along like a practiced individual, a competent fellow who knew up from down, but most of it's been wait in the trenches until the end. Teaches you allegiance - waiting it out - and how to take a beating. Useful skills in this modern environment. I'm impressed by people who move with the wind, successfully move, land on their feet on the beat and wave to the crowd. They probably get requests to do product endorsements. Some of them may even have retained their prostates, agile little bastards.

We've lost our focus here, have we not?

There's the kernel of an entry here, but it needs rethinking, a couple of more mornings in the tub. Doesn't sound as if it bothers me much. "MY GOD THE ASTEROID IS COMING!!!". Why yes. They say it's half the size of the moon and due before Christmas. Have another drum stick, my friend, be a shame not to finish this good dinner before night falls.

The photograph was taken at a family reunion on Bainbridge Island.