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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Lunch, what else?

August 21st, 2000

Bouncing Nikons
I was descending the stairs this morning thinking maybe I should have worn a light jacket when I glanced out through the stairwell window. It was dark, yes, but the sky was clear. It shouldn't be clear and dark so, ergo, it was not seven o'clock. I looked more closely at my watch: 5:58 in the morning. I descended more slowly now thinking, well, I'd gotten to bed earlier than usual so I'd awakened earlier than usual. I remember reaching over to switch off the alarm, thinking there's only two more minutes before it goes off anyway so maybe I'll just get up and take my bath.

Advancing age? A mind set that has always focused more on the off the wall than the logical? Not a lot of planning for the future back then when I review my history. No great ambitions to conquer the business world. A lot of reading and listening to music when I was younger. Writing this journal now. Getting up out of bed, taking a bath, shaving, getting dressed, leaving and locking the door behind me before I notice it's dark and the streets are empty? I guess. Evidently. That was certainly true twenty years ago when I was writing full time. Bouncing off the walls. Lucky to remember to wear my mittens when I'm heading out into the cold. Hi, ho. Not a bad way to live, I guess, if you can get away with it. If I can get away with it.

One small milestone over the weekend. I read in the paper that they were holding a series of races on Downtown San Francisco. Lake Merritt on Sunday so I went down to the far end of the lake to see what they were up to. As I was leaving I stepped over a plastic fence that had been pushed down almost to grass level and managed to catch my foot, falling forward to the cement sidewalk. There was a short slow motion segment as I was falling, putting out my right arm to break the fall, watching one of my Nikons hit the cement and bounce. Hi, ho. I remembered a comment I'd read in a photographer's discussion group as to how you couldn't really drop one of these things for less than about three thousand dollars. The Nikon bounced. It has a solid cast aluminum frame that's designed for abuse and the three thousand dollars turned into a small spot of scuffed black paint on the bottom. Lens fine. Works fine. Can't tell anything happened. My knee's scuffed, the palm of my left hand is a little sore and I had to sleep on my right hip Saturday night, but otherwise all is well. Bouncing Nikons. I hope I got some good pictures.

The banner photograph was taken in San Francisco over lunch during a week long Windows 2000 class. MSJ is probably not going to be pleased with the pose. The statue is located near the restaurant. The quote under The Sole Proprietor title is by Jackie Mason.