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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

1998 Berkeley Blues Festival.

August 10th, 2000

How This Is Playing
The depressing part about cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen was how quickly and easily it was accomplished, how good they look and how long I've been living here with them in a state of nature. What did it take, an hour? The floors, the bathtub, the mirrors, the counters, the automatic cat box in the corner? I must live in a dream. Well, hell, I do live in a dream, but now and then reality pokes in and gaves me a jolt about things and how they could be if I were even moderately aware of the world around me. I shall clean them again, of course, particularly if the owner of this place decides not to move back in the fall. You think I'm kidding. That would be, well, months, right? I am kidding, but barely. I do take out the trash. I have a vacuum cleaner. I'm not, after all, a barbarian. (Karin mentioned that once: "Bob, you know, when you bring a woman friend home for the first time you really don't want her to flee into the night in terror." Well, no. Certainly not in terror. Or error. At least until morning.)

They came and replaced the ten sprinkler heads in my apartment yesterday afternoon. Painless and easy. A A member of the audiance at a 1998 Oakland City Center blues performance. couple of young guys with ladders and a sprinkler wrench who spend their waking hours driving around the bay area tracking down defective equipment. Who learn the intricacies of the local commuting patterns as they sit stuck in their truck in traffic. This was our discussion when I mentioned I'd just returned from an appointment in Palo Alto. Nice couple of guys: in, change the heads and out, ladders in tow, a piece or two of plaster left lying on the rug. If I vacuum the rug, having so recently cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, I will no longer recognize the place. And yes, the reason they were being replaced is they don't work. I wonder how many people were burned up under these heads before they began this recall? I didn't ask. All the news these days is about tires.

To catch up on old business: Yes, we have a new manager. I am being positive about it. No reason not and every reason to keep my eyes open and my mouth shut: day time, night time and journal time. And that cold I mentioned. It arrived. I have it. We are discussing accomodations. I am urging a short stay, hot brandy, a little television and a long night's sleep. I'm not sure yet how this is playing.

The two photographs are from the summer of 1998. The quote under The Sole Proprietor title is by Christina Georgina Rossetti, except the proper quote is "Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad" from Remember, 1862.