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Here In Oakland

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April 25, 2016

By Ten

Monday. Lights out at ten again, awakening not long after six to get ready to walk to breakfast while listening to Democracy Now on the radio. Another clear going to be sunny morning and day, the eyes tearing a bit walking in the colder air, the nose running when there's a temperature change. Still, once inside, it all comes back together.

Still, a nice day. I have to get another blood thinner test over near the Summit hospital later. I should get the car serviced too, the garage is just around the corner for the lab, but we'll put that off until later. Oh, and I'm due to take another set of photographs at Latham Square. Not complaining, something to get in a decent walk later, something to let the day go quickly. If that's a good idea.

Later. Not so bad: a bus to Broadway, a walk to the lab. The sinuses and upper palate acting up a bit, but they're always acting up a bit. It took over thirty minutes to get the blood drawn for the Protime test, the blood drawing itself taking all of about four minutes, but a walk then to the closest bus stop and a bus to take care of Latham Square.

Took the usual route along Telegraph taking a set of pictures, work going on, but it still looks as if they have a way to go before it's finished. It's made me curious about how they schedule these projects and how much it costs if there are unnecessary delays, but just somewhat curious. Something I say I'd research if I were a journalist (and quite a bit younger). Idle thoughts. I wonder how you'd go about it?

A bus home. I'd set out in a long sleeved shirt and light jacket that only became too warm as I was heading up the hill to the apartment. A second hit of the pain meds for the sinuses and upper palate. We'll see how the rest of the day plays out now at two in the afternoon.

One question I'd had yesterday was answered on Facebook. There was unusually loud music and shouting coming from the lake as I was diddling around here in the apartment yesterday afternoon and one of the photographers I know posted a video and pictures: a Prince remembrance/celebration/dance/party. I should have gone over with a camera. I thought that yesterday afternoon as well, but didn't act. Maybe the afternoon was slower (I was slower) than I imagined.

Later still. Processed pictures, listened to the news, watched last night's episode of Elementary on the tablet and then (finally) started putting Latham Square sections together for the web sites. Productive. Happens. Sometimes. If it continues.

That dose of pain meds kicked in?

Maybe, but I don't want to think the days depend on that.

Evening. Watched Sy Hersh on Democracy Now. I'd heard the first half of the interview on the radio getting ready for breakfast, wanted to hear it again for the parts I'd missed. Gave me an excuse to sit down and run through chords on the guitar as it was playing. Otherwise nothing on and so to bed with lights out again by ten.

The photo up top was taken at the forming up of this year's Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in San Francisco with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.