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April 27, 2015

Some Rest

Monday. Lights out and to sleep before ten, awakening again before the alarm (fifteen instead of thirty minutes this time) to head off to breakfast, crossing Grand in case a bus might come along and then walking on to the morning restaurant. No bus, no fuss.

So fine, we sit down at the table and reach for the reading glasses. No reading glasses. We'd remembered the sun glasses, but not the reading glasses, although they reside near one another on the same set of shelves. How did I do that? The sun glasses and the reading glasses now sit in their new places, touching one another on the same shelf. Yes, it's frustrating. I can make out headlines and can, if the light is bright, stumble through a story, but the light wasn't all that bright and not even the comics were possible to make out.

Still, that wasn't the memory lapse that got my attention. In taking the daily prescription meds this morning I saw I'd somehow forgotten to take them yesterday morning, sailing along through the day without a clue until I noticed today. How'd I do that?

I do know. I'd gotten my morning “preparing to set out for breakfast routine” out of sequence and blew by the meds without a clue, not a thought to check later when I happened to be in the kitchen and could, if I'd been aware, have seen the error. Not good to skip your meds, particularly the blood thinner med since we spend so much time and effort adjusting the damned dose to keep the blood in line.

So we'll make changes, figure a better way, but this was a nudge, a warning. You don't get any better at this stuff as time passes. Too many anecdotes about what lies ahead.

Anyway, yesterday pretty much came to an end when I returned from the How Weird Street Faire and started in on the sake, skipped the journal and didn't process more than three or four pictures. Went straight to bed and watched mindless stuff on the tablet while sipping sake before turning out the lights. Tired, but felt good.

A relapse of sorts - sake, cheese and crackers - but then we don't suffer relapses all that often and so I'm not worried, no immediate urges to go and do it again. And it did shake up the day, shattered the routine. We think more and more about the routines.

The rest of the day today processing the pictures. Have enough for three sections, some sixty plus photographs. They will take all day today and then well into tomorrow.

Later. Through the morning and then the afternoon working on photographs, six or so hours so far. Feel pretty good, a break to walk across the way and take the day's apartment house construction site photographs, no way to avoid it. More time now with the How Weird pictures, we're far from ready to throw in the towel.

Still thinking three sections, two sections done, but we'll see. I don't think there will be more than three, but however many, they'll be posted tomorrow. This second wind I'm feeling will have to last a whole lot longer to complete them today and that's not in the cards.

Evening. Nothing on television, I've done enough photographs, still plenty left for morning. To bed, see if we can't skip the tablet and get some rest.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.