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April 5, 2012

Glove Fits Tomorrow
Thursday. Well, I suggested yesterday (as opposed to “we suggested” - if we're going to use the editorial “we”, I suspect we should be consistent) I needed to get to bed earlier (before ten) in the evenings to wake up on time feeling fine and last night I did - nine thirty - getting up easily with the alarm this morning to head off to breakfast and back before eight.

The very slightest hint of an ocular migraine last night after my standard sushi fare and a flask of room temperature sake. Flask and a half. Another sign these things are fading, the “slightest hint”, a flexing, but not quite bending of reality as it's done in the past? Kid on, McDuff: don't take your eyes off your speedometer.

Getting up this morning though, the 5th of the month, it occurred to me I hadn't dropped my rent check through the slot. I'd forgotten the rent was due? Worse yet, had I indeed written a check and forgotten I'd dropped it in the slot (we drop our checks in a slot in the door of a room off the garage) on the first? No, things have not degenerated to that extent, but still? A sign of the times. Something more to think about. Or forget about.

Live life as you will today, my boy, as tomorrow may come with some, um, issues. Shoot your pictures now or forever hold your piece. If you can still find your piece.

I believe the term is “peace”.

You're not the only dingbat living here on this farm.

Later. A bit chilly out there, I'll say that. A walk over along the lake to the white columns, taking but one or two pictures, and then scooting on right back to the apartment to tune the guitar and play through the material a couple of times to get ready for the noon lesson. Sounded awful. Had it sounded this way all this last week? Well, we'll see how it goes during showtime soon enough.

Later still. A not bad session. In my opinion, of course, maybe not in my instructor's opinion, but I'm looking forward to practicing this next week. I am. This may not last the hour, but right now I'm ready to play. Starting tomorrow.

A run by the supermarket after the lesson for necessary items including sake (it was on sale). We had the sushi and sake last night and that particular combination that's brought on trouble in the past, that brought on just a hint of trouble last night, needs to be tested again in a straight up sake, no sushi, evening (served maybe in that sake set I found yesterday lost in a cupboard). How's that for rationalization? I thought you'd like it.

Evening. A small bottle of the sake starting at three in the afternoon. My, it did seem to have an effect, don't remember a single glass having such a strong kick. A second small bottle later around five, again buzzing comfortably right along. Wouldn't want to be driving. A walk over to the local 7-11 look alike in between for a pint of strawberry ice cream - quite good when you're hungry; quite good when you're not - the effects of the sake wearing off by roughly seven, the rest of the evening going along quite well, no sign of ocular anything. None whatsoever. Hup.

Well, what does that mean? To bed just after nine, no odd effects other than the seeming odd potency of the sake? Doesn't mean anything, I suspect. Yes, I can drink a sake or two without damage on one evening, but that doesn't necessarily mean I can do it without some damage on another. So we'll whistle along, as we've always whistled along, and see how the glove fits tomorrow.

This one was taken yesterday at Splash Pad Park with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 18-200mm f 3.5-5.6 Nikkor VR DX lens.