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April 4, 2012

How It Goes
Wednesday. To bed at ten (still just a little too late, maybe try for nine-thirty tonight), up half and hour after turning off the alarm, to breakfast and back not quite finishing the Tribune before the meters kicked in. Such is life. A look at yesterday's entry before posting (my, we did go on) and now, having gone to the usual news blogs and sites, I'm thinking of getting outside in the sun for a walk. No thought to deviate from my morning routine of the last number of, well, years. No complaints, although I do seem to talk about it awfully much.

Later. A nice morning, a bit cool, but it's early. A walk along the lake taking a picture to document the day, on then along Lakeshore and then up over the hill to Grand and a cup of coffee out on the patio in the sun at my morning breakfast place.

A bit of something or other going on with the balance, just a bit off as if the inner ear fluids weren't sloshing about as quickly as they should. None of the other stuff, however, the double vision thing and the rest, so we'll say a good outing. It will undoubtedly leave, this slight dizziness thing, by the time it's noon. We'll say. We'll hope. We'll not worry about it at the moment.

Later still. No sign of the slight dizziness, other than the mental kind. We've learned to live with the mental kind. Some time on the guitar going over the lesson, playing along with the song coming through “The Amazing Slow Downer” loaded on the laptop. A bit up front and in your face, the name, “amazing”, but it really is a necessary item for a beginning musician. They have a version for computers (the laptop) and for iPhones (and I assume other smart phones) that allows you to slow a song down without changing pitch, so you can start slowly and build up your speed. In case you were wondering. I suspect music teachers and their students know it well. Mine does.

I spent time cleaning the kitchen. Well, the kitchen: the top of the refrigerator and the cabinet up behind it, tossing this and that, finding a new sake set I'd forgotten I had, washing it and storing it in the sake set cupboard. The cupboard in which I keep the sake sets. There was a time when I was acquiring them. I no longer do that.

Because your sake consumption is in the pits.

I don't mind that it makes you feel good with a little and fall down flat on your face if you drink too much, but the ocular migraines are a drag. Don't need no “other” realities, the ones we have are quite enough.

Evening. An urge to go down the hill and have sushi and sake, this time going with the flow. A good idea? Maybe not from the pocket book standpoint, but seemingly fine from the state of the being, the head, the outlook. Unless I'm totally disconnected.

As in?

Well, I'm back, I've been playing the guitar, the world seems reasonably familiar, we'll see how it goes.

This one was taken at the Saint Stupid's Day Parade Sunday in San Francisco with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.