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April 14, 2011

Or Sake Cup

Thursday. I decided, for whatever reason, to have sushi (and sake) last night so, after a fairly long session with the guitar, I went to bed early without the alarm, getting up this morning after seven to walk to breakfast and the papers, returning now well after nine. A nice way to start the day, the sinus-palate thing a little funky, but a nap will take care of that. Yes, a nap. No apologies. I'm retired. I'm OK with it.

Today we file our taxes, I'm afraid. I owe the government more that I was thinking, more than I would have had to owe them had I managed things a little differently. We'll make adjustments for this year to avoid it in the future, but one can't complain when oneself is at fault. Or, more succinctly, you can't shift the blame when you've acted like an ass with a head full of cement. Maybe not more succinct, but it adds the required level of passion and disgust. Ass indeed, cement is too polite.

Later. This may be a precursor to something that will follow that's more interesting and better executed, something thought out somewhat in advance, but just for the hell of it I put up what I'm calling a Tree Stump Time Study on artandlife. An experiment. I'm lazy, I've gone this far, but knowing me I may well not take it any further. Still, what the hell. Self knowledge is self knowledge, I know my habits. A little voice says I should do more of this, but another little voice says keep it from getting out of hand. Ambitiously lazy. Maybe not all that uncommon at this age. Better to do it than to not.

I did lie down for a while, can't call it a nap, but it was refreshing. The day is clear, the sun is out, maybe a walk later to find an ice cream cone. Want to keep an adequate diet, get all that good stuff on the pyramid, keep the vitamins pumping. There's always a salad later at the City Center. What I had last night and earlier for lunch would have my doctor's approval though, I'm obviously due for an ice cream cone reward. Get my rationalizations in gear, figure a clever way to get my sedentary carcass out the door and into the light.

Later still. A walk by the lake and then a walk over to Noah's Bagels thinking I'd get an ice cream cone on the way, but ended up buying a lemonade and a muffin at Noah's, sitting at one of their outside tables. A bit tired, I must admit, ambling rather than walking. The fellow sitting in front of me didn't notice the camera I had over my shoulder when I entered, didn't notice I had it when I sat at a table at his back, so I took his picture as he focused on something in the distance. Good to be shooting, but better yet to keep your awareness of your surroundings. You otherwise miss opportunities for a shot.

Back now at the apartment. I need to get in my guitar practice, but I'm still feeling tired. Maybe the symptoms of a forming ocular migraine? The dry mouth is always a warning. I've been telling myself they've become history and I haven't indeed seen hide nor hair of them for the last two months. How easy it is to lull yourself into complacency. Two drinks last night shouldn't have been the culprit, but who knows? Life has its own rules.

Evening. Another lie down on the bed for an hour, whatever it was has passed. Still, a reminder. What did I have for breakfast? I remember thinking why did I order the avocado bacon omelette, why are my taste buds and stomach telling me the bacon is crap? Not because it's off, just that my system doesn't want to have anything to do with it. A lot easier though to give up bacon than the occasional Guinness or sake cup.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.