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April 13, 2011

Of The Mix

Wednesday. A bit wet this morning, no rain, but the sky is dark grey cloudy with lighter grey streaks as I sit here home now after breakfast and the papers at eight. The guitar lesson at ten, then a bus to catch just before eleven to get downtown and over to San Francisco to meet Ms. P for lunch. Should work out. There's another bus I can catch at eleven fifteen that will get me to the city by eleven forty-five if I miss the first because the timing didn't work out. (hup! hup!)

Sounds like a tight schedule.

Whichever way it works it will work out fine. (hup! hup!) Makes me wonder more why I'm writing about something that should otherwise be a passing thought. A way to add a little excitement to the mix? Out the guitar instructor's door, back to the apartment, out the door then to make the bus by ten fifty-six? Will it be early? Will it be late? Gets the blood pumping, adds a little zip to the mix?

Go back to wondering why you mentioned it. I think you must even be putting yourself to sleep.

Later. An easy trip to the guitar lesson, a decent lesson, learned a few things; an easy drive back home to park the car, change jackets and arrive at the bus stop at the base of my hill five minutes before the bus arrived. My, my.

A very nice lunch with Ms. P on the floor below Nordstrom's just off the BART exit, a Vietnamese restaurant with an excellent menu. Best I had a light breakfast instead of the mindless load of calories that usually starts my day.

I did pass the mural still in progress off Broadway near Grand coming back, the same two stalwarts still up on lifts painting. I've forgotten the name of the project this is a part of, but it's something to do with water conservancy in a drier world and there are a number of other murals being done in other cities in conjunction with this one. I could have it wrong, but I like to encourage murals. Better than blank stone walls. Not everyone feels this way, but hey, life's a mix.

Back at the apartment ready to tackle the guitar. The instructor will give me little hints - right hand position when picking and left hand position on the frets for instance - and I'm realizing these are probably what differentiates one-on-one instruction from getting it out of a book. Not inexpensive, but not terribly expensive either, these lessons, well worth the time and effort.

As in he makes you fear looking like an idiot at your lessons and so you practice, practice, practice?

A little of that, but a little of that goes a long way. Let's just say it too is a part of the mix.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor DC lens.