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San Francisco Cherry Blossom Parade

April 27th, 2003

A Good Attitude
They say some chance of rain later this evening, a much larger chance tomorrow, but the sun is shining through the gathering clouds and breakfast a nice walk to the cafe in the Grand Lake theater district. Brushed up yesterday's entry, changing one or two words, thinking about driving downtown and spending two hours at the office.

The office?

I feel like an old fighter after five rounds, stumbling and reeling, but still standing, the world a narrow blurred image of whatever's near my nose. Going into the office for two hours is not going to make this any better.

So why go into the office?

Well, because you've got to make a certain effort to pay the rent and feed the cat and, if you're neurotic, you're prone to overdoing it. Effort I'd rather be applying to art and life, sipping coffee and staring into the distance at a local bistro, camera at my side.


No matter how many times I write "I'm going to buy that car" my heart doesn't go aflutter. I walk the streets looking at the various cars parked along the sidewalk. There was a god damned Ferrari, albeit an older one, parked in front of my apartment building when I left this morning. This is not a neighborhood where you find Ferrari's, although I've passed one or two parked in front of Gold's Gym down the street. This thing looked like a retro-seventies tin can, albeit an expensive retro-seventies tin can, what with the dancing horse on its emblem. If I can't get it up for a Ferrari, what hope a Honda?

Later. I worked out on the ArtandLife page for a while, the first time I've really touched it in weeks/months/ever. This is good. Thanks to rawr for forwarding some suggested code. Better looking than mine. Still doesn't display worth a damn in Netscape, but that's the next step which I will take whenever.

A good day today. Raining, as I write, but an altogether good day that started slowly, did not include a visit to the office and seems to be ending with a clear head and a good attitude.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival parade last Sunday.