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San Francisco Cherry Blossom Parade

April 26th, 2003

Hold My Breath
It rained yesterday, clearing up by late afternoon, early evening, and today the sun is out shining through islands of dark, white edged clouds. Which makes a dramatic backdrop for photographs of really exciting stuff like trees. OK, OK, settle down, nothing wrong with trees. It's late morning and I'm heading for Moscone Center. I think. I say it will clear my head, brighten my step, get me out of this place. I'm repeating this, staring at the screen, not unlike an attempt to slap a corpse back to life: "Wake up, bucko! Up! Up! Arise!"

That was last week.

Ah. Yes. Well, let's not go there. Let's pack a camera and set out. I am tired, very tired (but not dizzy!). Six of one, half a dozen of another, I assume, except tired can be cured with sleep. A good night's sleep, a week of good night's sleep. A month. A year. A life. Please? Reminds me of the student me, arranging my first class of the day to start after noon. You don't want to do that with a job, going in late, sleeping while your neighbors are up and carousing. Hard to shoot their photographs, sitting alone with a camera, at night.

Later. Well, MRW's panel discussion was not slated for one, as stated, but six, as in six in the afternoon, as in PM, six in the evening. Shit. Still, a good ride over on BART, a walk through Wondercon, fifteen bucks to learn what's what, a good walk back, stopping to buy a book at a store specializing in photography books, the site of the old San Francisco Comic Art Museum, which, I believe, is moving to new quarters somewhere on Mission. Nice selection.

Back to Oakland, an anti-war demonstration underway in front of City Hall, a speaker denouncing the local police who'd lost it earlier this month and fired rubber bullets and wooden dowels into a crowd that had been picketing one of our Oakland port facilities. Not only shot up the picketers, but nailed a line of Teamsters who'd been watching while waiting to load their trucks. I shot some pictures with the new lens, but I was tired, my heart not in it.

Still later. Is it a wasted Saturday when you use it to recover from the week prior? I've arranged to take these next two Fridays off, two up and coming three day weekends. I'm thinking of spending that first Friday with a Honda dealer, start the process. I'll not hold my breath.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival parade last Sunday.