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April 25th, 2001

End Up In Oakland
Wednesday. Portland.

OK, this is better. Up around 6:30, Cheerio's for breakfast, a nice hot bath and back to bed until ten. The head is clearer, the mind starting to rise above the murky black mud of long uninterrupted months at the office. Of course, this is the first day of the last half of my vacation, the first half evidently devoted to a kind of zombie like recovery from whatever ails me. Thoughts of getting back to Oakland on Sunday, going out and looking for a bed on Monday, saying hello to the cat, cleaning up the kitchen. Just thoughts, mind you, the psyche is still recovering and needs more attention before it is put there in the real world. Clean the kitchen. My, my. I say things like that so many times with so little result, which is fine, I'm not complaining.

Four in the afternoon. Run an errand, pick up the nephew at school at noon as he has a half day today. Standing by the car in the Mother at dinner this evening with family. parking lot, waiting for the classes to get out, looking at the students. I would say boys and girls, but they're men and women. What would I do if I were transported back to my freshman year in high school (the usual know then what I know today blah blah blah)? I haven't the vaguest idea. I might say hello to that blond over by the library with the pony tail, but then what would we say to one another? Only one way to find out, of course, but the mind wanders and school is now out and it's time to drive home. And take another nap. The excitement over all these naps seems to building to a crescendo.

So, tomorrow, on the road. Where to go? I have a map. Whichever way, I need to end up in Oakland.

Digital photograph taken of my mother at dinner. Overexposed. Can't really tell how badly on this laptop. I'm going to have to go back through my entries and see who I'm quoting.