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MRJ at lunch.

April 15th, 2001

Why Not?
Now that I've left my bedroom and again reentered the real world I should probably get ready for this trip coming up Friday. Driving up to Portland, taking my time, shooting photographs, staying in motels and drinking, since it's spring, Margaritas. This is my first experiment in on the road journaling. Just go out without much of a plan and post from the road. Take along the digital camera for day to day shooting, something to post daily along with the journal, and use the film for the heavy lifting.

This may not turn out so hot, but I have three days budgeted to spend with the sister and the family and I figure what can go wrong? I am visiting someone I've gotten to know through the journal in southern Oregon, a veritable "waif of the woods" or perhaps "literate lady of the rain forest", but again, what can go wrong? Well. Rain all the way up, rain all the way down. Maybe. It does that and next time it's Hawaii or Japan. As I said, an experiment. Get on the road and see what happens.

The power has been out for the last hour. I don't think it has anything to do with the current MSM at a Sushi bar. power crisis. I doubt we've been consuming too much power on Easter, but you never know. Maybe every electric oven in the universe was cooking a ham or a bunny rabbit and the power drain became unmanageable. I was working on last week's PhotoShop project just as the power popped. I hadn't really looked at last week's assignment what with the cold, but started Friday to knock it out over the weekend. Photograph the anniversary party on Saturday, do the PhotoShop assignment today: everything on a schedule. Get next week's assignment done before I leave on Friday. Anyway, I spent most of the morning and afternoon noodling with my assignment when the power went out and - are you ready for this? - I lost everything I'd been working on for the previous three minutes! Yes, I lost it just after I'd done a file save, six hours of work saved at the very last moment, something that will never happen again, at least to me, in the entire life of the universe. An Easter miracle, perhaps. Why not?

Ah, well. It's Easter. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep and finishing up whatever it is I need to get done tomorrow for the trip to Portland. Long day. Long weekend.

More lunch photography. The quote is by Jeanne Moreau.