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Somewhere in Oakland.

April 4th, 2001

No Complaints
A cold this week, beginning Monday. Or maybe Sunday, a day with no aches and pains, but a psychological need to stay inside. Yesterday I posted my PhotoShop homework, nothing special, but a lot of fun. Nice to take a class and realize you're enjoying it. I'm not reading the text or going through the lessons in any great detail - one must keep one's habits intact, you understand - but the exercises at the end, where you actually get your hands on the beast and do what they're talking about, are fun.

I have mentioned more than once we were not expecting a bonus at our company. They paid a bonus, the largest I've ever personally received, bumped up our salaries and, the rumor is, the 401k matching amount. I am not the only one who was expecting little or nothing. Maybe I'm just paranoid, maybe we're all just paranoid, but the atmosphere is like none I've known. I'm working away at my web pages and making progress and enjoying the progress, but times are unsettled and I'm unsettled and I'm not sure where this is going. They say their most important asset is their people and they treat us like, well.... I'm not going to say anymore. Stupid to talk at all. I'm a techie. I slave away at a computer all day. What's the big deal?

Nothing much in the way of pictures. I got a contact sheet back yesterday and the only decent photograph was the last one on the roll, snapped just to get it finished and into the processor. And it was out of focus. And I stubbed my toe on the sidewalk. And leftist Latina guerillas, disguised as a touring Asian American jazz quartet, kidnapped Wuss last week and held him for ransom. (Awwww....)

In my unending battle to avoid buying the things a young man needs, I ordered a pair of pants and And there was light. a denim shirt from Land's End. They have denim pants that you can order with a 31" inseam. None of the Dockers or other casual pants you find around here come with 31" inseams. I've found them occasionally at Sears (and those pitiful few I found are hanging now, some more than a little worn, in my closet), but I haven't found any on the web. Real people these days evidently come with legs measured in even inch increments. Anyway, they are supposed to arrive tomorrow. One pair of denim pants, one each denim shirt, so I can test them for fit and desireablity. If they look OK, if they don't brush the ground, if the shirt buttons across the middle, I'll order a bunch and live happily ever after, replenishing the ravages of time and Wuss with the click of a mouse. A trillion dollars gained and lost in this recent dot com splurge and this is what comes out of it: 31" inseams. Seems fair.

Another day, a throat getting sore and they're forecasting rain for the weekend. No complaints. The sun has been shining, the weather reasonably warm, here in Oakland.

The photographs were taken in Oakland, one in a barbecue place near Jack London Square. The quote is by Jeanne Moreau.