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September 27th, 1999

Here In Oakland
Saturday and Sunday were not sit at the computer days, starting with Saturday which instructed me about drinking all the whiskey in the house at one sitting. Saturday was a day to skip anything requiring concentration. Or thinking. Or writing. I had breakfast and drank liquids. Necessary to do this now and then. Not complaining.

Sunday I went to Berkeley to shoot the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" parade, small enough to be manageable and just large enough to be interesting. Got a shot or two of Wavy Gravy (float number 5) whom I haven't seen in years and some shots of the "go naked for reasons that weren't altogether clear, but were undoubtedly cogent" contingent. A nice Berkeley tradition. I'll see the results tomorrow. If any turn out, I promise to run them. A day in the sun carrying one camera, one lens, wearing a t-shirt and jeans with two pockets full of film. Plenty of mobility and no comments from the police as I'm walking through the middle of the marching units shooting pictures with a guy wheeling a big Sony video camera from one of the television stations working right beside me. Get in close and shoot. Fits in with everyone's expectations. Nice. Got some sun, got some exercise, maybe got some pictures.

Perhaps the Friday drink whiskey, watch movies night was necessary to turn me out of my funk. Had a good day at work putzing around with things that I find interesting, starting a project or two that I've been putting off now forever. We had a big IBM Netfinity NT server delivered last Friday, a 500MHz CPU, two gigabytes of RAM and a really fast IBM hard drive array. IBM will be coming out later this week to set up something called Websphere to test in our environment and they've sent ahead the heavy artillery to be sure it runs as advertised. Nasty looking box. Looks like something you'd find on an alien spaceship, a little something to control the warp drive and the interstellar navigation. Here in Oakland.

Couple of thoughts: I haven't had access to my email The Solano Stroll parade for the last few days and won't have access again until they finally install my DSL line on Wednesday (and I'm not counting on Wednesday). Mr. Wuss has eaten all of three cans of cat food (less the parts I threw out because they'd been in the bowl too long) in the last two weeks. He is, in fact, thinner. He talks to me at length in the evening when I return about, I assume, food, and the part it plays in his life. I am going to try a friend's suggestion about tomato sauce. Some of her cats like it and it is supposed to be good for his urinary tract. I'll check with the vet, of course, but it's certainly worth a try. Someone else suggested baby food, a particular kind of turkey that doesn't contain certain additives. I'll ask about that as well. He is drinking his water. He is peeing in the cat box. He just passed by mewing. Don't like that. He doesn't either. End of thoughts.

The banner photograph was taken on the way back from a birthday lunch with some friends from work. The belly dancer was photographed at the Solano Stroll.