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Exhibit at the Solano Stroll
September 22nd, 1999

He Said
There was a flash through the windows last night, not overly bright with the thunder arriving some seconds later, a lightening strike on the other side of the city. Rain coming, but how much? This morning it was wet and overcast, but clear. No puddles on the sidewalk or water in the gutters. Pack a camera and a jacket in the knapsack and hope it isn't raining when I return. Place your bet, spin the wheel, you get to play every day before 7:00. Won today, but there are days to follow and one of them is going to see one wet Proprietor dragging his ass up the stairs to his apartment. I carry plastic freezer bags to put the camera in, so it'll be dry. Insurance enough.

I do need the walking. I get no exercise now except on the weekends working crowds The Solano Stroll parade with the cameras shooting pictures and there's no benefit from exercise that happens once or twice a week shooting pictures. And I'm thinking of giving up on the crowds for a while to move into the studio. I will not join a health club to work out every day or every other day because I've tried that and I won't because I don't. Ms. Right would have to be running the weight machines before I'd show up in the mornings and it's been my experience that Ms. Right, if she exists in this world (which she doesn't, Ms. Partially Right being a different question), is not passing out pencils at the weight machine counter so I can mark down my repetitions. Unless she is, of course, in which case we're not going to meet in any conceivable Sole Proprietor future. Art, life, fate: It seems to be in the timing.

Thursday tomorrow, with the weekend approaching. There's an off the wall parade in Berkeley I think I'll shoot and maybe I'll go over to San Francisco to shoot the boat building competition at the Maritime Museum, at which, I am informed, some of my fellow workers will be, um, competing. Take BART, find a bus. BART is easy, it's finding the bus. Damned if I'm going to drive in San Francisco. Maybe noodle around North Beach. Make use of all this walking. Make an appointment to have my storage cube available on Saturday so I can get rid of this stuff I've been unpacking. Things are looking up. He said.

The photographs were taken at the Solano Stroll on Sept 12th.