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Oakland Blues Festival
September 10th, 1999

DSL Grumble
Nice morning, nice day. Lots of intense sun saturated color inside the apartment and out, although I've been waiting for the phone people to arrive and wire the DSL splitter for the last seven hours. They couldn't give me a morning or an evening time, just that they'd show up today. The cost of a DSL installation is whatever number of dollars plus a vacation day. Except I cheated and went to the office just after noon and returned around two. Did they arrive while I was gone? Can't tell. It's almost three as I'm writing this and I'm assuming someone will still arrive which makes me an optimist. A dumb optimist. Or is that an oxymoron? So I'll unpack some more boxes, the pile is getting smaller as I can see the Magnolia tree through the living room window.

Well, 5:30 in the afternoon and no DSL. I have to assume they came at 1:00 when I was at the office. I thought they might have left a card or a sticker saying they'd been here, but evidently not. Pain in the ass. Either that or they never arrived at all. I wish there was some other source than the phone company for a fast web connection. I subscribed to MCI when it was first offered, not caring about saving money, just wanting to stick it to Ma Bell. I'd pay twice the rate just for the satisfaction of not giving them the long distance business. Maybe cable. What kind of cable access is available here in Oakland?

So I've just returned from seeing In Too Deep at the Grand Lake. I'd like to take a tour Near Oakland City Hall on Labor Day of the theater itself. It's one of the still surviving golden age grand palaces, broken into five screens, but still retaining a sense of what it must have been whenever must of been was hot. I saw In Too Deep because it was the only one starting when I arrived and although I'd heard the plot was trite, I'd also heard the acting was good. I don't particularly recommend it. Yeah, the actors were actually actors, the plot was trite, the love affair flat and unbelievable and some of the scenes were tolerable. It's just maybe I've seen too many blood on the streets baby I'm bad movies or I'm too old or too tired or too dumb, this from someone who happily went to see every black exploitation "Coffee Creams Harlem" movie ever made. I remember seeing Eraserhead for the first time in San Francisco and walking out of the theater thinking "great movie" but I don't need this miserable downer feeling it's left me with so I'll just skip the angst, thank you, and enjoy the rest of the evening. Eraserhead is a great flick and worth the trip. In Too Deep is better done with mood enhancers at another theater watching a Spike Lee film.

OK, no DSL. I'll check for mail with the laptop at home in the evenings and upload the journal every morning at work. Saturday I play with the web. Sunday is the 24th Anniversary Solano Stroll, my 3rd. Maybe I'll go early and shoot some film.

The banner photograph was taken leaving the Blues Festival area near Oakland City Hall on Monday. The young lady was at the Oakland Blues Festival.