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Going away party last week Wednesday.
September 8th, 1999

Diapers and Lightening
So, I take Wuss in for a sonogram on Monday morning. The urine test was negative, but the urine is still not staying inside Wuss. Kind of a drag, I guess. Really a drag if it goes on for much longer. Beth at work was not kidding when she suggested diapers with a hole cut out for the tail. Diapers on a cat pushes the envelope just far enough to make it onto the weird side of the dial. Little animals like children and monkeys have their place in adult conversation, but just. Little animals who wander in and out of rooms trussed up in diapers, however, holes punched for their tails, are, um, an interesting image. Beth suggested something very specific for diapers, something that came shrink wrapped in a box, cat size, ready to wear. I'll ask tomorrow. Cats in diapers. Flamingos on the lawn.

Curious event at the office. Tuesday I clicked on a list sites link on one of the web journals Oakland Blues Festival and received a forbidden page warning. Evidently they've placed all the Web Ring locations off limits at work, a matter of adding the IP address to the forbidden sites list on the proxy server. I can bring up an individual journal and I can bring up, say, the Archipelago home page, but I can't click on list sites or random site or next site or any other site with "" in the url. You always wonder what gave them the idea. They do have access logs and they can analyze them for non business destinations, but I suspect it's just an addition that came from the outside company that maintains our proxy server. We can add specific IP addresses to the proxy server list, but the proxy server company adds most of them as part of their service. Another quality of life addition out here on the cubicle farm.

At least my mood is good even if I don't have anything to write. I got home this evening with a phone company guy standing at the door of the building waiting to be let into the apartment complex. Said he'd just buzzed somebody who said they'd let him in, but he was really here to check a DSL hookup for someone named the Sole Proprietor. OK, I said. This is what is called your basic win win situation. His black box reads I am home free for Friday. Plenty of juice back to the station. Click on all the damned webring.orgs I want over the weekend.

Ah, thunder. The thunderstorm they were talking about just cracked a good one outside my window. Time to dig the cat out from under the clothes hamper. Diapers and lightening. A portent. Of a coming Millenium.

The banner photograph was taken Wednesday last week at a going away party at PCB. The photograph of the lady in the wheelchair was taken at the Oakland Blues Festival on Monday.