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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 29, 2017


Friday. Yesterday stumbled along slowly, but lights out early enough to awaken at six-twenty or so, the sky overcast, the weather people saying a high in the very low seventies (ten degrees cooler than yesterday), what I'd call a good day ahead. Don't mind the overcast, but a high of seventy in the sun is just fine too, thank you.

A walk to breakfast, passing by what looked to be a homeless man perhaps my age, perhaps older, walking slowly with a limp, but with a flashlight in his hand and a large, awkward looking backpack on his back, checking out a parked car from the passenger side as I approached from his rear. Didn't look particularly dangerous, limping and such, but again, a flashlight in hand and looking into parked cars with it is not a good sign, not to mention the flashlight looked heavy and would make a good club-like weapon. Me being paranoid? Yeah, but best to be cautious. I walked quickly by.

The two strips of bacon, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Didn't need the bacon, we'll remember that in the future. Took my time reading the papers. How weird are these times? Weird enough often enough, to sometimes forget through all the repetition that none of it is a good sign.

A regular sort of walk home, the usual picture or three on the way, sitting here now writing. Sort of writing. Maybe a trip to the City Center later for lunch? Maybe. Overcast, the temperature still nice at ten in the morning.

Later. I was doing my usual “I wonder if” routine in reaction to the sinus-upper palate thing acting up when I decided to take a second dose of the pain meds, thinking I'd see how I felt in an hour. Well, two hours later the thing seems to have settled into the background and, although I haven't gotten it together to go anywhere, I've been cleaning up stuff around here. Up and cleaning this and that, this and thats that haven't been touched in, well, a long time. So good. I guess. Now, did it have anything to do with the meds? For now we'll say yes.

Three separate deliveries are due today, the first of them came around noon, and so we're unlikely to head out anywhere until the remaining two arrive. Three today and one tomorrow and the end of month Amazon deliveries are done.

Evening. The two Amazon boxes were left outside the apartment house front door, no buzzing the apartment to let me know they'd arrived. Well, I was lying on the bed watching a Netflix series on the tablet, listening with ear buds that might have blocked it out. Be a first, though, as they've done this not buzzing the apartment before.

Prepared a meal from one of the delivered boxes, a curry noodle thing I haven't tried before. We'll use but half the flavoring packet with the next one as it required flushing the mouth for quite a while with water after getting it down. Spicy. No lie.

More time on the tablet, then checked out Charlie Rose at eight. Stuff going on out there and sometimes Mr. Rose gets my attention, this one starting with a follow up conversation yesterday on Iran. Decided to go back and continue on the tablet, we'll catch up with Mr. Rose again tomorrow for one of the replays of this evening's broadcast.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.