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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 24, 2017


Sunday. Lights out after nine to awaken then at six-thirty. OK. Again we'll say that should have been a good night's rest and see how it evolves with the morning. Up to gather together the (three) newspapers and head for the garage, remembering when I arrived that I'd forgotten the car keys. OK, back to the apartment to get the keys. The routine is to leave them on the dresser for six out of the seven days in the week week and the body seems to function right along in leaving them without the brain, hence forgetting it's Sunday and I'm driving. As long as I don't forget red means stop and green means go while driving we're still be good with the car. Right?

A drive to breakfast, a good parking spot, the single pork chop with eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. We're thinking it best to be fortified for the Folsom Street Fair later, don't want no dizziness or weird vision in the middle of that sea of characters. Or something like that. Seemed the thing to order.

Out the door to find these two waiting on their owner and so took a picture, the camera not auto focusing. Checked the small switch on the front of the D500 and it had been turned from auto-focus to manual focus. OK, changed the setting, but the dogs' owner had been leaving right behind me and so I missed getting an in focus and better framed picture. It's much reduced in size you can't see how out of focus it really is, but another little voice saying “check your damned camera before you put it over your shoulder” and head out the door.

Home now, bright sun, should be warm enough to go to the Folsom Fair in a t-shirt. We'll pack the cameras in the two camera backpack to keep them out of sight before we arrive.

All this stolen camera whinging is getting very old, old man. Best to get over it.

It is real, but I've learned there's no button you can press, other than allowing for time to pass, to make it stop.

Later. Set out to catch the bus just after noon with the one long zoom lens camera in the backpack after debating whether or not to take the two, but decided against it when I hefted the two camera backpack and decided better to take the one in this sun and heat.

Took BART to the San Francisco City Hall station and walked to Folsom along 8th, lines of people in various forms of dress and undress heading in the same direction. This is one were it's best to arrive within the first hour or two I've learned, as it gets crowded to the point it's hard to move around, the crowd moving you instead of you moving through it. In a less crowded environment it's easier to maneuver, although getting a shot is still a matter of reacting in a very short time, many opportunities gone before you can get a photograph. So it's move and shoot, move and shoot and so getting enough good photographs is a matter of time, more time I'm afraid than I now seem willing or able to spend. Getting slower I'm afraid.

Took pictures for just over an hour. Not sure it was less crowded or about the same from prior years, but there were lots of people and I found I became as confused as to where I'd walked and where I'd not as easily as I have in the six prior years I've been shooting the thing.

Tired, overly warm and back to the apartment, catching a train that arrived two minutes right after I did and a bus that did the same. Nice. Balanced out the longer times I needed to wait heading out.

I did get enough pictures for a web section, so good, but it would have been better to have stayed longer and gotten more, if not for two sections, then to fill in for some of the less better shots. If I'd been able to stay longer. Not sure that's in the cards.

Evening. The rest of the afternoon and into the evening processing pictures. I did get a section, one or two quite good, the rest OK. In looking at the six prior years of shooting, I've produced as many as five sections, but only one for these last two, now three years.

Watched The Vietnam War at eight, all but the last ten minutes, fiddled a bit with this feeling foggy and tired. At least foggy, tired I suspect will show itself more clearly when I turn the lights out in not much longer.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Defend DACA demonstration with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.