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Here In Oakland

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September 21, 2017


Thursday. An uneven night's sleep. I think. Not sure if I'm confusing it with the night before, but awake at ten to six, some consistency there, to get up and get ready to head out to breakfast at six-thirty, maybe a little later. Doesn't matter, the East Bay Times had arrived, the sky was clear (dark and clear) and the walk went well.

Exactly at the target weight on the scale this morning and so used it as an excuse to have the chicken-apple-sausage, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. I have no idea what's in something called “chicken-apple-sausage”, but it seemed right and so happily consumed it while reading the papers.

Nothing on the schedule for the day, three pictures taken walking home from breakfast, the sun bright, the temperature not too bad. They're saying warmer over the weekend. Maybe for the best as the Folsom Street Fair is scheduled for Saturday and some of the participants won't be wearing clothes. Except the ones in leather.

What does that mean?

Just babbling after working on yesterday's entry , going through the usual “what sort of idiocy am I up to in the writing of this thing”?

Later. Scrubbed the soap scum out of the bathtub using a Lysol spray product that's been sitting unused in the cupboard under the bathroom sink long enough I didn't remember they were there. We'll let the tub dry and then rinse it out again before we take a bath.

Television, otherwise, before a walk over to the lake taking the small V 1 camera this time and thinking I should have taken one of the DSLR's. Still, a nice session sitting in the sun before returning, the sun bright, but the temperature comfortable for a change.

And that's it for an entire afternoon?

They do go by quickly. I was thinking of doing the laundry, but couldn't fit it in.

Evening. An interesting article on Hillary Clinton in the New Yorker that arrived today. I still wonder, after a life of reading, why I've pretty much stopped reading other than newspapers and web news online. I don't notice this happening with others my age.

I did watch tonight's episode of The Vietnam War in which they explored the period leading up to the Tet Offensive that I'm assuming will be covered tomorrow. A friend, a fellow lieutenant I knew and worked with at a Fort Lewis advanced Infantry training company, was transferred to and arrived in Vietnam the day before Tet started, sleeping in temporary quarters awaiting assignment when a mortar round came through the window. How lucky was I to be diverted from Vietnam to Korea after the north Koreans grabbed the Pueblo? I'll never know.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.