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September 5, 2017


Tuesday. Reasonably cool, given how it's been lately, and so lights out just after nine to awaken at six-fifteen and get ready to walk to breakfast on what looks as if it's going to be a clear day, some haze in the sky from the wild fires burning to the north of here. Humid, though, ups the discomfort.

They were out of strawberries and so a waffle with butter and syrup. Haven't had any butter and syrup for a while. Tasted fine, although heavier and not any better than the plain waffle with sliced fruit. Ah, well. Bright sun through the haze on the way home taking (what else?) the usual set of pictures. Is it like guitar practice? Take them over and over, but you do learn some things as you go, perhaps slowly, but it drills the routine and what to pay attention to? Or does it mean you're in a rut and learning has ground down to a crawl?


Doesn't matter. If it did I'd make changes.

Another dentist's appointment this early afternoon, a follow-up to the root canal six weeks ago. I got the idea he was going to go into the tooth again, this session no less invasive than the first, and then a follow-up later, something about a cap being done by my regular dentist at his office. Doesn't matter, we'll just get it done, sort it out later.

Later. A drive essentially to Berkeley near Ashby on Telegraph to the appointment, lucking out and finding a parking space right across the street from the dentist's office. Felt a little funky driving, the driving going OK, but I was thinking I'd rather be lying down and be driving at another, better time.

Anyway, arrived an hour too early, fed the meter (I've used this model of parking meter now twice and still don't quite know how you reliably increase the parking time) and ended up at a nearby Starbucks to kill twenty minutes before finally getting into the chair. Took a full hour to do whatever it was he had to do and, whatever it was, it involved lots of drilling and filling. Seems to have gone well.

Home to take it easy and lie down for a while. Felt much better soon enough, but early afternoon was not the best time in this day to have been driving to Berkeley. Still, no pain, no discomfort and now, hours later, the anesthetic having worn off, no soreness or distress signals from what's left of the molar. Which is good.

Evening. I read a book review in the Sunday Times that caught my attention and so ordered the book and it arrived late this afternoon and so spent an hour or so reading. Haven't been doing much reading now in a long time and part of ordering the book was a decision that if I ended up not reading the thing, didn't even really make a decent attempt to read the thing, maybe best I threw in the towel and not order another book, no matter what I read about it in the papers.

I did watch Charlie Rose at eight, Trump and the Dreamers, Trump and North Korea, both seemingly root canals in waiting.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.