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September 2, 2017


Saturday. The fan turned on low at the foot of the bed kept things cool enough last night, although I didn't get to sleep until after ten and then awakened at a quarter to six. I think it was a quarter to six, could have been earlier. So much for sleeping when the temperature outside is seventy degrees.

Took my time after getting up earlier than usual and it threw my routine out of sync, deciding to drive to breakfast and so headed out the door to immediately return, having forgotten the reading glasses and cell phone. Fine, drove to breakfast to then realize I'd forgotten the camera. How do you remember the one and not the other? Can I remember to stop and think each time I'm leaving? What did I forget?

Of course the gas prices had gone up, no camera to document the fact, so the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee over the three papers. At least the East Bay Times had arrived at the apartment house front door with a thump as I was descending the stairs (without a camera).

Home to futz with and then post yesterday's entry, sitting with the fan turned on a notch higher, thinking, it's still early, maybe walk back to the morning restaurant and take the missing pictures, maybe go by the Lakeshore ATM if I was feeling ambitious, but turned back when I opened the door to the stairwell and felt the heat.

More work on the journal and then another decision to go get the damned gas station pictures. And so I did and so I got the pictures, but skipped going around to the ATM as being too warm an extension, slipping into old duffer mode to rationalize the decision.

Even I would say it was too warm for more walking.

So we're both in old duffer mode.

Later. Ninety-five at twelve twenty, ninety-seven yesterday at the same time; ninety-eight at one thirty, yesterday ninety-eight at one, one hundred at two-thirty through five this afternoon. In other words it's warm and I've been sitting in front of the fan drinking ice water, heavy on the ice. Haven't looked out the window, let alone opened one since I returned. They're saying ten to fifteen degrees cooler tomorrow.

Later still. The iPad had gotten to the point it was essentially bouncing me out of apps when I entered them and so deleted a couple of apps I no longer use to free up space, uninstalled and then reinstalled Twitter and did a hard reset following a list of things to try I'd looked at on the web. Seems to have worked, but I'll know for sure when I use it more later. Knowing some little bit about computers doesn't necessarily translate to iPads, but fingers crossed.

Still way too warm, ninety-five degrees at six and so I'm guessing the “a lot cooler tomorrow forecast” is still not going to be all flowers and roses. More ice water, please, and pray the fan doesn't fail. You think such things when your fan is well over twenty years old.

Evening. Nothing on television and so we'll check out the tablet, see if I really managed to straighten it out.

The photo up top was taken at the Nihonmachi Street Fair last month with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.