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Here In Oakland

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September 29, 2016

To Bed

Thursday. A long night's sleep, awakening at six-thirty to walk to breakfast on a cool and overcast morning, to have breakfast and, as I was leaving, to quickly snap the gas sign and pandorea photographs before the approaching bus had pulled into the stop, getting on the bus and riding home.

Not much exercise when you walk, even less with the bus.

No guilt. We may make up for it later, we may not.

I do have another Amazon package due today, but we'll make it a point not to wait for delivery. UPS, this time. Their drivers are usually familiar with the residents here and know whom to buzz if I'm out. The worst that can happen is it's delivered tomorrow.

Later. So far, so good. The Amazon package arrived just as yesterday's package arrived. I checked the link in their email and it said it had been delivered twenty minutes before and, indeed, it was sitting in the lobby downstairs. Again, better to see it in the lobby than half hidden outside the apartment house front door. Still not sure why they can't buzz my apartment when it arrives, but they don't.

I took a full dose of the pain meds later this morning as the sinuses seemed worse with only the half dose I've been taking now when I get up and now, at two in the afternoon, I have to say the sinuses are feeling much better. Because of the pain meds? So much for the day's half dose experiment, we'll continue with the half dose tomorrow.

Watched the end of a movie and and the rest of another Longmire episode on the tablet and so now it's two in the afternoon, the sun is out, the temperature is into the high sixties and so (maybe) a walk to the 7-11 look-alike if not somewhere farther out. The half walk this morning. Still not guilty, but I'd be happy to walk longer if the mood were to strike and I could think of a place I want to go.

Later still. Over to the lake and then on to the bird sanctuary, taking a couple of photographs of individual pigeons as they returned after their flock had taken flight for no discernable reason, return, and then get spooked again. So a photograph or two.

On then to the 7-11 look-alike to pick up a pint of strawberry ice cream, picking the pint off a stack of two sitting in the freezer, paying for it, bringing it home and discovering the strawberry I'd bought was a pint of vanilla Swiss almond. Tasted fine, but how had I managed to do that? Strawberry becomes vanilla Swiss almond right out in plain sight without my noticing what I was doing?

Home to watch another Longmire episode. The story line seems less believable than I'd like, but I've seemingly kept amused.

You're drifting.

We are home watching stuff on television and the tablet and feeling pretty good through it all, although eating a pint of ice cream at a sitting has led in the past to ocular problems. So we're watching things at the moment more closely than we otherwise might. Be nice to eat a pint of ice cream now and again without fear of reprisal. Strawberry ice cream anyway.


Evening. Watched Democracy Now, watched more Longmire on the tablet, watched the beginnings of the Charlie Rose discussion of Syria. And wrote this before giving up and heading to bed.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Folsom Street Fest in San Francisco with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.