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September 10, 2016


Saturday. Awakened a couple of times last night, but got up before six thinking I'd had a pretty good night, and, since there was a demonstration to photograph later at Latham Square, I figured being up this early I could drive, have breakfast and read the papers to finish before the meters started running at eight, get the day's walking in later. An easy rationalization that worked just fine (leaving the café after breakfast with one whole minute to spare).

Futzed over yesterday's entry before posting. Would I read these entries if it weren't my journal? Disjointed, bitching over trivia, posting before going through a proper edit? Would I? Well, if not, I seem to be writing it, maybe out of habit, maybe not, so we'll leave it at that.

Overcast, they're still predicting reasonable temperatures will hold through the weekend. Maybe take a look over at the lake before setting out for the demonstration to see if we're still attracting drummers. Some comment on the local NextDoor app about changing the local ordinances about obtaining permits and using amplified sound. No amplified drums I've ever noticed, but who knows whats going on? The usual stuff, I guess. Upsets and such. Feel pretty good. Maybe worth a look.

Later. Started well, although I set out too early (as usual) to photograph the National Prison Strike demonstration being held in Latham Square. The idea was to have lunch at the City Center bagel shop (where else?), take my time eating and then walk over to the Square to see how many people might show up. And take pictures.

Bright, sunny day. Felt good, clear headed and the rest, having brought both cameras. Again, arrived too early, but ate a mixed fruit cup, cookie and coffee at the bagel shop, picked up a second cup of coffee at a nearby café after walking to the square and then sat and waited to see what might be what. And people started showing up.

Shot pictures until just before two when I started to feel light headed and realized it might become worse and it was better to leave before we found out. Light headed. Not good. Home to lie down for twenty minutes, wondering if this was now the norm for the future or, perhaps, had I been careless with the diet to then run around under a bright sun? Maybe the light lunch. The diet. Maybe, maybe. We'll see how we feel about all this tomorrow, think about it then.

Later still. It seems I was able to get enough photographs to put together a section for the web sites, but tomorrow. We'll put them together tomorrow.

You've got the Oakland Pride Street Festival to shoot tomorrow.

Things seem to have come together reasonably well since returning from Latham and so I suspect I'll photograph the Pride Festival as I have in the past, but I'm still wondering how it might go after our little episode this afternoon.

Evening. Watched television, relaxed, put off processing the photographs, put off thinking, maybe get to bed early. Maybe.

The photo up top was taken at the National Prison Strike demonstration today at Latham Square with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.