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September 16, 2015

Done That

Wednesday. Down to one fifty-three on the scale this morning and wondering what the continued weight loss is about. Just not hungry enough during the day to quite eat the required calories or what? Curious rather than worried, but consciously had a larger breakfast this morning because of it.

A long but uneven night's sleep, uneven more for awakening due to an uncomfortable body position than anything else. Right back to sleep once I'd sorted it out. Awake a quarter past six to take more time to come to consciousness than I have in a while and to allow the morning light to grow brighter before setting out.

Overcast, but a bright sun poking through as I was walking to and from breakfast. They're saying a slight chance of rain today with the weather getting warmer as we approach the weekend again and it's looking about right. Some chance of light rain or mist.

Later. Still cloudy and cool and so a long sleeved shirt and light jacket to get on the bus carrying the camera this time in the backpack, getting off at Latham Square, removing the camera from the backpack and taking a set of pictures, included a couple from the Rotunda building stairwell windows.

Fine, a short walk then to the pharmacy where I picked up a much needed prescription refill along with some other necessary items and then packed them into the backpack along with the camera. Handy, a backpack, when you're buying toothpaste, mouth wash and similar items. No bags to buy or inconveniently carry. All this to sell me on the idea of carrying a better concealed camera when walking.

Over to the City Center to have coffee and a buttered bagel (not toasted) at the usual table outside the bagel shop, a walk then to the bus stop to wait on a bus that took me straight home, no stopping by the apartment house construction site to take pictures. A disadvantage to the camera in a backpack. I'd have stopped otherwise.

But go later.

We may well might.

Anyway, we're heading into the mid-afternoon, some blue sky up there now, but clouds as well. They say they'll go away tomorrow, the clouds, so we remain in the dry don't strike a light era here, not that the addition of a few clouds ever put that in doubt.

Later still. Processed the Latham Square photographs before getting up off my duff and going next door to photograph the apartment house construction site because I really couldn't talk myself out of it without much too much embarrassment. Took all of fifteen minutes. I'd thought of getting something to eat at the café on the corner, but nothing appealed. Not hungry enough.

Back to process the apartment photographs, the work of perhaps half an hour, now to listen to the News Hour (we're less addicted than in the past, but we still listen in the afternoons) and then maybe take a look at the two magazines that arrived in the mail. Pretty exciting for a middle of the week Wednesday he said, babbling on like an idiot. Well, a familiar idiot.

Evening. Had no access to the Republican debate, but read some ongoing commentaries on newspaper web sites. You really do need to watch the thing itself, the reporter/pundit interpretations really don't cut it. Then again, other than getting a sense of how this nation works, what am I going to learn? Republicans constitute something like ten percent of the registered voters in my area, not really a competing party anymore. I'm not registered with either and just hope, whomever is elected, doesn't wake up on any one night and push a button.

Nothing I wanted to watch on television, I'd seen the Death In Paradise more than once in the past, so to bed and the tablet until lights out. When's the last time we've done that?

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.