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September 12, 2015

More Settled

Saturday. Overcast and cool without being cold this morning. Nice.

Lights out last night at ten again to awaken but once during the night and then get up just after six, feeling pretty good. Delayed a bit until it was lighter and less paranoid outside and then headed out for breakfast, leaving the sliding glass door and screen open to further cool down the apartment. A move that seems to have worked. We're set, even if the day gets warmer than we're hoping thinking.

Took the picture up top as I was walking to breakfast, their progress (for all the workers that have been involved) seemingly slower than it should. I know better after following the two construction sites and learning these things do take time. Not sure what exactly they're putting yet, not sure it's a place at which I myself might do some shopping, although it will be convenient to reach when it's done.

Later. A walk over through the farmers market and on to the ice cream shop to find no one behind the counter. This is not the first time, someone eventually notices there's a customer about and appears ready to serve up whatever's on their mind. My mind. Still, I was evidently more ambivalent about whether or not I wanted two scoops in a cup and so left without letting anyone in the back know of my presence.

A walk then by, rather than through, the farmers market, taking the single picture of theouting, one to compare with the picture I'd taken walking home from breakfast this morning. Still overcast, the temperature nice (really nice) and so a bagel and coffee at the café across from the library on Grand. Exciting stuff for a Saturday. Back to the apartment now to see what's up on this Saturday afternoon.

My experience has been that mornings through to early afternoons consistently produce an upbeat attitude. I enjoy walking to and from breakfast, clear headed and all that, obviously enjoy putting this thing together when I get home (less happy with the results, but obviously don't give a damn) and enjoy getting outside again to go wherever it is I end up whenever I'm able to figure out where I want to end up.

So we chalk all these mornings up to the good. The afternoons are mixed, any symptoms of ocular migraines aside (we don't really seem to get them anymore, just some of the precursors when I screw up the diet), mixed in the sense I'm often ambivalent about doing anything, finding anything to do of interest.

This is not to say we're down, just, I don't know, in need to something to better fill the afternoons. The evenings can fend for themselves. Just babbling saying, just noting on this overcast Saturday afternoon (the sky overcast and temperature within bounds!).

Evening. Cool throughout the day. A short walk to the 7-11 look-alike to buy more Diet Coke, but they were out of the two liter bottles and so an ice cream bar and a small bag of Doritos. Not really lunch, but we'll call it lunch. Otherwise time on the tablet thinking I might watch the beginning of Encounters of the Third Kind, haven't seen it since it was released and, I suspect, will decide not to see it again.

Talked with my sister. They'll remain in Arizona until my brother-in-law is able to travel, still things to learn about how the operation has gone, but he is recovering as well as can be expected. I realize that's not much information, we're all in essentially the same situation, and I suspect it would have been better if I'd mentioned it later when things are more settled.

The photo up top was taken walking to breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.