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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 1, 2015


Tuesday. No reason for it that I can think of, but a very spotty night's sleep last night, watching the clock as it slowly ticked through the hours. One of those nights you hope never become a norm. Wide awake at six and so up and out the door without any trouble, feeling pretty good. After last night? Still feel fine now that I've returned from breakfast, a haircut appointment coming up at eleven.

I ordered a replacement for the lost camera and lens yesterday. Thought about it, but only briefly. Do I need this camera when I have a D4 that takes pictures just as well as the later model, given the circumstances in which I usually take photographs? Do I need two cameras, one with a long lens, one with a short lens, on a shoot? Well, hell. The insurance people came through and we'll make ourself whole again, work out the particulars later. He said.

You want a gold star and a pat on the head for deciding that?

More a confirmation that I'm not crazy for continuing with this day in, day out way I've been taking pictures without a second thought.

Later. No late morning tiredness, even with the uneven night's sleep. The only food I can think to blame it on that might have brought on yesterday's late morning muddle was the crab cake Benedict I'd had for breakfast, not yesterday morning, but the morning before that. It's not on the to be avoided list, whatever's in a crab cake Benedict, but I seem to recall I've had my suspicions in the past. We have a habit of tripping in the same potholes over and over again.

A bus to the ATM on Broadway before walking to the Latham Square construction area at Telegraph to take photographs, then on by the pharmacy to order a prescription refill before crossing the street to the City Center and the haircut. Worked out well. Trimmed and out the door three minutes before the return bus arrived.

There was some level of paranoia carrying a camera through the area where the D4s had been stolen, a sensitivity to the surroundings and the pedestrians that fluttered in and out at the corner of the eye. Carried the old D2Xs just in case, although it's not capable of taking the live view photographs needed to frame a shot while holding it up over the top of a construction area fence. But we managed.

A bus to the apartment house construction site and another quick set of pictures, still feeling slightly paranoid, even here near home. It's now approaching one, it's quite warm outside and maybe it's time to take a break with the tablet. No way we'll stir up any paranoia doing that.

Later still. Skipped the tablet, ran the weekly Protime home blood thinner test (getting a good result) and worked on today's photographs.

The photo up top was taken this morning at breakfast with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.