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September 28, 2014

Better Day

Sunday. Had another “lighter”, less intense ocular incident at about the same time in the early evening last night, some of the same symptoms, but less intense to the point I had to think about it after it was over to decide that yes, the symptoms were consistent, just not as weird. Not due to diet that I could see from what I'd eaten, but the very dry mouth after the event, some of the same precursors. So up, brush the teeth and lights out at eight.

To not sleep straight through, however. I'd evidently caught up on my sleep with the ten hours the night before, so I awakened at two in the morning without drifting off again until much later at four, awakening without an alarm after six. Hmm. Are we still wresting with our getting a night's sleep? Comes and goes? Is it a real problem or am I inventing with nothing else going on? Maybe a little of both.

Overcast, anyway, cool outside. Off to breakfast taking an hour extra to read the papers. I read pretty much everything in which I have an interest or haven't read through other sources, but actually reading all three newspapers straight through would take the rest of the day. No complaints. Feel good. Not sure what to do with feeling good on a cool morning, but certainly no more complaining before, say, noon.

Later. And what? I did walk to the 7-11 look-alike finally to buy that ice cream bar (Hagen-Daz, chocolate with almonds) I'd skipped out on yesterday, using it again more as an excuse to get me out the door. No waiting in line, this time, there was no line.

Back to futz with the construction site pages for the first time in a while, creating section headings for artandlife and adding more pages. We'll post them pretty soon and catch up with their current progress as the mood allows. I've been flaky with them so far, but it would be nice to catch up and put the issue behind.

A bus to the ATM on Broadway to then cross the street and immediately catch another bus back home. Wasn't expecting that, figured I'd have to wait, but the mid-afternoon schedule is evidently different on weekends. Still overcast, although the sun has been coming out for periods briefly since eleven. My outside adventure for the day: a walk for ice cream and a bus ride to an ATM to pay for breakfast and a haircut in the morning. A little soon for a haircut, but my barber is leaving for vacation.

Humid, again overcast now that it's after four, so I've been reading. I still maintain a reasonably large magazine habit, although I don't read them as religiously anymore. An article in the current Harpers on PBS, how their news coverage, with one or two exceptions, is crap. Programming designed for an audience with a median age of over sixty, it's as bland and managed as any of the networks. No really sharp political analyses allowed. The Koch brothers on the board of an east coast affiliate. But then this isn't really news.

Still, not a bad afternoon. No naps, the usual visits to web sites. I'm in another rut going through them all the day long. Makes me remember my twenties and thirties when I didn't own a television set and made do with a turntable and well stacked record shelves.

Ho, hum.

Indeed. We're coming up on the evening, though. We'll know soon enough if we're due to experience another ocular episode. Maybe go to bed, crank up the tablet, see if duplicating the time and setting have an effect. Can't think what other than diet might be the cause.

Evening. No hint of ocular anything while watching a Korean movie on the tablet, more a long (impossible to imagine) car chase interspersed with obligatory hand to hand combat than a movie really, but at least it depicted Korean political life in what I suspect is a similarly exaggerated, but accurate context. The current president of Korea is the daughter of the dictator who ran the place the year I was there. Well, sometimes you have to watch one of these things just to remember why you don't.

To sleep early. Increase our chances for a better day tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken last Sunday at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.