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September 21, 2014

Acting The Idiot

Sunday. To bed and then to sleep early enough, not much time spent with the tablet, awake without the alarm at six, but back to sleep to awaken again an hour later at seven. OK, gather the Sunday papers, head out to breakfast on another overcast morning thinking I'm feeling pretty good, we'll do both Folsom Street and the People's Climate March rally being held down the way by Lake Merritt. See how we hold up. Folsom Street, arriving just after opening time at eleven, the climate rally by two in the afternoon. We can do it.

Later. At least it started well. A bus to the BART station, a train to the Civic Center and then a walk to 8th and Folsom to enter the Folsom Street Fair. I learned last year it's not only OK to come early just as the gates open, but almost mandatory if you want the opportunity for a decent number of pictures as the crowd grows in one or two hours to the point it's difficult to move, everyone shoulder to shoulder (and ass to tea kettle). It was said one to two hundred thousand people arrived last year. Felt like it. Go figure.

Still, a bunch of pictures. Too many naked, bound, spanked, hooded, chained men and women to count. Lots of photographers, but the thing that struck me was how many people were there participating. Show the flag, freak the straights, put on a show, OK, but you wonder how many may take it to darker extremes when the lights go out and there are no clueless photographers about.

Do you know what you're talking about?

No. I'm out of my depth. We'll leave it at that.

Anyway, somewhat under two hours of shooting, really tired after “somewhat under two hours of shooting” and so the walk back to BART and then a bus in Oakland to get off at the stop I thought led to the amphitheater area by Lake Merritt and discovered I'd confused “amphitheater” with “bandstand”. The amphitheater is located (where else?) on the opposite side of the lake. Did I mention I was tired? I believe I did.

And so back home to look at the pictures. Enough for three sections, maybe four. I'd managed but one section last year, blaming my production on arriving later and so running into the much larger crowd. The year before that I'd managed five sections, having arrived when it opened, well over a hundred photographs. It will take a while to put these together and I'm (clear headed, but) tired. Which I've mentioned.

I got close to setting out to walk to the Climate Change gathering across the lake, but only close. Aches and some pains from the Folsom shoot. They'd be no problem if they wouldn't get worse walking the lake, but humping the cameras a mile or so back and forth to run around and take pictures is not in the cards.

Evening. The time spent working on the photographs. I'd thought to lie down and let them lie when I got back to the apartment and downloaded them to the computer, but the interest overcame whatever tired feelings I might have had and I made progress. Enough progress to post them tomorrow? Maybe. Still much work to accomplish.

Nothing on television, although I did watch the last half of a Ms. Marple episode on PBS. Skipped the second episode as it was time for bed. We're more into time for bed, these days. No need to make the life more difficult by acting the idiot.

The photo up top was taken of Liliane Hunt today at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.