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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 15, 2014

His Own Devices

Monday. Not a bad day, yesterday. Warm, of course, more time spent in front of a fan than one might like, but still nice, sitting/lying in front of that fan on a long Sunday with a break where you were still able to go out and get some pictures.

To bed and to sleep at a decent hour, awake five minutes before the alarm was due to sound and so off to breakfast and back on another overcast (and comfortably cool) morning. Back by eight to finish yesterday's entry and think about the Solano photographs. Nothing on the calendar until this coming weekend, the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, one of the more unusual street fairs in the city (or perhaps the universe).

Later. Another slow morning and early afternoon. Finished the section of Solano Stroll photographs for artandlife feeling ambivalent about most of them. I didn't really catch what I thought I was seeing or hoped I was seeing when I took them. Should have spent more time shooting and stayed later when the crowd was much larger, but we didn't and I'm not sure that's the way it will be for the future. Two hours is now more than long enough for a day's running around with a camera.

A walk over to the construction site to take pictures, the building now getting high enough there's really not many places left from which to shoot.

Still, the task completed, and so a bus to the morning restaurant (I really didn't feel like walking) for a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad and lemonade. Hadn't had a particularly large breakfast earlier, the plain waffle with the fruit, and so I was hungry. When's the last time I had lunch at the morning café? Felt better, though. Walked back home to lie down on the bed and turn on the fan. And the tablet. It's Sunday. We're allowed.

It's been in the low seventies, quite warm, but there's been a breeze of sorts that's made walking around in a t-shirt no problem. They say expect more of the same for the rest of the week. Hope it's cooler come the weekend.

Evening. A Death In Paradise I've probably seen before, maybe see what's happening with Charlie Rose at eight, then a Foyle's War, two episodes, starting at nine. I've been pretty good about getting to bed by nine, lights out by or well before ten, so maybe I'll skip Foyle's War again. We'll know, of course, by the next paragraph.

I'd seen the Death In Paradise before and, although I don't recall who done it, don't need to see it again. Maybe I'll head for bed and listen to the news. There's only so much news you can listen to in a day or a life and I suspect I had my fill around November of last year.

Dear Charlie is running the second half of an interview with the CEO of Apple. We don't need to listen to another interview with the CEO of Apple in this life and so to bed before nine. Something for a short while on the tablet and then to sleep. Before ten. We'll leave Foyle to his own devices.

The photo up top was taken this at the Solano Stroll with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.