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September 23, 2011

Calendar For Tomorrow

Friday. To bed after ten, as mentioned yesterday, only to find it difficult to get to sleep, awakening a number of times to roll over to find a more comfortable position and to head to the bathroom to take a pee. On one of those trips I turned off the alarm on the dresser realizing I was not going to get up at six. So, for whatever reason, up two hours later than usual, to breakfast as usual, back to the apartment at ten rather than eight, the sky having cleared and the sun poking through (full tilt).

So what the hell, the day is ahead, I feel pretty good, although I'm sure there's a nap or two in the offing. One interesting intersection at breakfast. I mentioned futzing with the guitar yesterday. I was somewhat fuzzy headed at Wednesday's lesson and wasn't quite sure of the fingering on the new chords, but happened to run into my instructor as he was heading for the café next to mine as I was walking out having finished breakfast. He was able to confirm yesterday's assumptions. Serendipity or something. Kismet. So good, something good from a late night, late morning, Friday breakfast.

There's something called an Eat Real food thing going on this afternoon in Jack London Square, so that's what's up today for photographs. They've cancelled the LovEvolution Parade in downtown San Francisco on Saturday and the parade and event is being held instead on the Oracle Coliseum grounds as well as within the coliseum, so that's not something I'd normally think to photograph. There are a couple of other things marked on my calendar (got to replace that almost out of ink impossible to read pen I use to write things down), so all is not lost. We're still flush with various street festivals, music festivals and weekend dingbat events, so luck holds and the day goes forward.

Looking over artandlife last night on the laptop I had a flash of perspective (you get too comfortable over time and stop “seeing” it as others see their first time around). The sections don't really make sense anymore as they've evolved over these last ten plus years and you can't see what's current, can't tell what's inside the various miscellaneous sections where they all need to be clearly listed. So maybe that's a project for the fall. I'll contact Mr. P, the internationally known designer, see what he's up to at the moment.

You should probably transfer this thing over to WordPress or one of the other blog design programs too. They're gotten really good and this has become an electronic antique.

One impossible thought at a time, please. I can only put off so many projects at one sitting.

Later. Not so bad. I did lie down, couldn't get to sleep, so I took off and hopped a bus to Jack London arriving an hour after the Eat Real thing had started. This is an annual event, not the first, and I believe I've attended one in the past. Still, nothing much to see, I took a couple of pictures more to show I'd been there than anything else, a walk then to Beverages & More finding nothing I wanted to buy in the sake section (miserable sake section for such a large selection of other beverages - this is a big store) so I took another bus and then another bus all the way to the supermarket where I bought sake, bread and a bunch of other stuff.

A walk to the morning café for an iced coffee, a bus then home, sitting here now at the computer at five in the afternoon. A good afternoon, I'd say. Wasn't sure how it would go after last night's uneven sleep, but what the hell, the day went well and I'm ready for whatever I've got marked down on the calendar for tomorrow.

The photograph was taken at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.