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September 21, 2011

When Jimi Plays

Wednesday. To bed at a decent hour, up forty-five minutes after the alarm duplicating yesterday's performance. My, my. Still, a decent night's sleep I'm guessing (we'll know soon enough), to breakfast and back, home now under a bright sun ready to set out in another hour for a guitar lesson. A good start to another Wednesday if that means anything of consequence.

We are ambivalent about our morning are we?

We are in the mood for a nap rather than a guitar lesson. We can have both, of course, but I'd rather the nap before the lesson which, given the time, is not an option. Maybe sleep in later on Wednesdays, skip the early breakfasts, have them later on the way home, the instructor's studio just up the hill from my morning café. I'll try going to bed at nine this evening, see if I can't get all this hassle to turn out better.

I realize I'm thinking in the evenings, as I'm drifting off, hazily thinking, that it's taking much too long to get to sleep and I remember that hazy time the next morning as being awake. Hazy, drifting off, half asleep, maybe they have a lot more to do with sleep, real sleep, than I realize. Do you start to understand my over use of “fuzzy headed”?

Then maybe it doesn't matter - to bed at nine, to bed at ten - it's actually the same, except to bed at nine will give me the needed additional hour. This should not be rocket science, although you hear about people who have a really hard time getting a decent night's sleep and you wonder if this isn't, well, common. Usually you hear about all these sleepless people from someone who's trying to sell you something. I've got enough pills in my cabinet.

Later. There are two ways to look at my lesson this morning: it went as well as it could, given the difficulty of the material, or it was a car wreck. As in went less well, went badly. Showed me up to be a futz and a dunce. It'll go with the “went as well as it should” given all my (hup! hup!) practice. I have to admit I've asked myself if I haven't been kidding myself - how good really are my practice sessions, how long are they really? - but so far the answer has been no, I really do the playing. So mostly no. Ho, ho.

Another obviously warm day now that it's noon. They say it will continue through tomorrow, but ease off on Friday and through the weekend. That hour's nap earlier certainly helped. I went by the supermarket on the way home to pick up some necessary items, skipping one or two things that I'm told to avoid - no real problem there, none of it was particularly appealing given my appetite - but I did pick up two of the small bottles of sake for later. I did. And we'll open them, but only after it gets cooler.

So, as I mentioned, just up from the nap, the head coming together quite well, but we're still only functioning on less than the full six cylinders, so I'm not quite sure how ambitious I might be later for a walk. Right now, given the outlook, given the temperature, I'm thinking of practicing guitar. That's not a bad idea after this morning's lesson.

Later still. Another nap. Hmm. I think a bit of the ocular migraine stuff as well, but not enough to distinguish from the need for sleep. For rest. Still, the day has cooled now that there's a breeze off the ocean and the attitude has picked up. I still have to go to the bank to sign some paperwork to move my accounts, but I'll do that tomorrow in the earlier morning. Once that's done I'm in business, although I still have a bunch of automatic bill paying accounts to move. Easier than I'd been thinking.

It's just after five, I wonder if it's too early to sample that sake. I played a little guitar and realized I hadn't quite gotten down the new chords I'd learned this morning. They're not all that hard to play, a series in Jimi Hendrix's The Wind Cries Mary, but the fingering is unique (to someone like me) and I'm going to have to sit down and figure them out. They sound nice, though, at least when Jimi plays.

The photograph was taken at the Albany Solano Stroll Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.