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September 16, 2011

Current Mental State

Friday. Futzing around with the guitar and watching television last night I managed to get to bed at eleven (not good) having made a supermarket run around nine to purchase necessary items including sake and cheese and crackers. I managed but a slice or two of cheese and two or three crackers on top of a ham and cheese sandwich (I was hungry, hadn't eaten all that much yesterday) and two glasses of sake. Not sure why I did that, but I did. Felt fine, but slept I think fitfully, up this morning with the alarm at the usual hour and to breakfast and back by eight.

OK, a dentist's appointment at ten, out the door again to drive to his office by Solano where the Stroll was held last weekend. The hygienist was running half an hour late and I did some pacing. Crotchety old fart. Fortunately I have a very nice hygienist and kept my mouth shut taking a short walk out front of the office to take a single picture of a rose bush. (I guess that's not something you ever stop photographing no matter where your interests lie.) Oh well. Done with cleaning for another six months, although I need to floss more often. Not the first time I've been so instructed, although I'm much better at it now than I was as a youngster. No need to add bad teeth to the growing bag of tricks.

Driving back through Berkeley I got gas and had the car washed. It's needed washing now for a couple of months, too lazy to wash it myself. Not even sure how I'd wash it here at the apartment, the garage isn't set up for it and there's never any room out on the street. Life in the fast lane, you know, but now in a clean(er) car.

So who knows? It's morning, late morning, I'm back from the dentist/car wash and I'm thinking maybe a nap. I have to go by the new bank later at one to finish the paperwork (give them a check to open the account), so it will have been a full day by the time I'm finished. And yes I can say that with a straight face knowing what others go through on any given day as I do still remember real life when I toyed with it when I was younger and I do receive regular updates by reading the papers. Actually I wouldn't mind if I were kidding, not sure what that says if that's what a hectic day looks like to me anymore. No free lunch, not even in retirement.

I may regret moving the bank account (the ATM's, of course). Thinking about what I spend day in and day out on unnecessary junk, saving one hundred and eighty dollars for a year's worth of ATM access doesn't sound all that bad. Why does fifteen dollars a month sound steep when the annual total sounds like it could work? Doesn't matter, we're committed. I've been wanting to shed the big banks, so I'm shedding the big banks. If it weren't for ATM's I'd open accounts with Pay Pal and smirk. Gloat. Act out the idiot.

Later. No nap, not feeling particularly tired. A walk over to the bank to finish setting up the various accounts including a credit card. Once I've moved all the various ties to pay bills, receive payments and such I'll cut loose from BofA. Hup, hup. I guess we're committed.

A nice day out there, here now in the apartment at two in the afternoon. Some guitar, I think, warmer than I'd like for walking, although there's a street something or other happening later this evening at West Grand and Broadway. I may go with a camera. There's nothing I'm aware of Saturday, although Mr. S's band is playing at a street festival over the way on Sunday which I'll attend.

I did forget both to reload the memory card into the camera and put the glasses into its carrying case before putting the case into the fanny pack before heading to the bank. I'd been thinking about checking for both right up to the moment I was leaving and then evidently spaced out and forgot. Both. The camera was one of the models with two memory cards so I was able to shoot this as I started out walking along the lake and then take a picture of these guys’ while passing them (barking away at everyone who was walking by) on Lakeshore, but forgetting the same two things two days in a row?

It's similar to going into the next room and forgetting when you get there what it was you set out to do. It happens more often now, not so often as to have me freaked - well, totally freaked - unless I do it again tomorrow.

The reason for the glasses is the pair I keep in front of the computer somehow managed to lose a lens when they fell to the floor. I'm not sure how you lose a lens, but I went through everything without being able to find it. Perhaps I should have sifted through the waste basket more thoroughly, who knows? So we'll get the glasses replaced to take care of the one problem, I've got that spare memory card in the fanny pack to take care of the other.

Evening. A fairly decent nap, which is good. That street something or other starts at 6:30 and runs until ten with a live performance I'd like to photograph starting at eight-thirty. My only thought is I'd like to see tonight's chapter of the Korean soap I've been following and the very thought of admitting to this is embarrassing.

It's a better soap than many another Korean I've sampled, they all seem to have the same set of characters in the same predicaments, but this one doesn't make me squirm quite as much as some of the others as it's less cartoonishly written. It's cartoonish, yes, yet here I sit thinking I might not go out and photograph this thing because I want to stay here and see what happens after they left me hanging at the end of the last episode. I may have to invest in a video recorder to avoid these conflicts, but that's even more embarrassing to admit. Hi ho, to hell we go.

Watched the soap, looked outside and saw it was dark, figured catching a bus to the street event would probably leave me out there in the night at a time when my bus had stopped running, so I stayed in, played guitar and watched this and that on television. Charlie Rose was one of them.

Charlie can be very MSM in the people and subjects he chooses for his interviews, lots of the currently politically acceptable, not a lot of context, but then again he'll have someone on and they'll talk about something I find interesting. Half way interesting last night. We'll go out and get the next street festival (tomorrow) and not worry too much about what my Korean soaps say about my current mental state.

The photograph was taken at the Albany Solano Stroll Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.