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September 13, 2011

Here It Comes

Tuesday. Let's say it takes another day to recharge after a long day out and about with a camera, this morning marking the beginning of the day after that second day on the morning of which you feel much better. Could be a red herring, could be a false start, but the laundry is in the wash after returning from breakfast at the usual time from the usual place under a grey and overcast sky. A sign, I'd think, this doing the laundry.

I talked about going after more photographs needed for the lake project. I could do that. I ended up with a reasonably good series of guitar sessions yesterday, they'll go to waste if I don't do a similar session today. Plenty of time yet for that. Otherwise what? Think back, what have we thought of doing over these last months I haven't done that I might actually start? Nah, fanciful thinking. Think again. Maybe a nap. Always good to bet on a nap.

Later. A bus ride downtown (after a short nap) turning over various options. Maybe take another bus to say Berkeley along Telegraph, sushi for lunch at Kenny's Solano Sushi maybe, BART to Fruitvale to walk the neighborhood around that condo I've been looking at on and off on Redfin for the last six months? I ended up getting off at Sears, checking the bus arrival times at the kiosk across the street, decided to walk up Telegraph (or down Telegraph, actually) to the City Center and then on to have a cup of coffee in front of Peet's. So much for modest thoughts of doing something different.

A walk farther on from Peet's passing the flower bed in front of the old APL building. Doesn't seem right somehow, tearing out an entire flower garden in order to plant another. For what? The coming winter season? A different set of plants more amenable to the weather, that will bloom in December? Seems a bit decadent. Then again, what do I know about gardening in front of office buildings? Maybe the midnight flower bandits hit Oakland last week. You'd think though, if that were so, it would have made the paper.

Another bus on down to Jack London Square, more because it was pulling up as I was passing the stop, a picture of Jack, another bus to Grand and then a walk a mile or so the rest of the way home. A little tired, but only a little, I suspect it will pass soon enough. Listening now to the news in the mid-afternoon ready to finish this and pick up the guitar. I did tune it earlier and go through the scales, but that doesn't really count. Time to put in some time (and yes, even with this interminable avoidance business, to have some fun in the process).

Later still. Another exciting day draws to a close. No lake pictures, but there's plenty of time left during the coming week. The laundry is done and folded and hung. Folding the socks I realized I'd indeed not left it to the last minute, not enough socks here to have been even close to running out socks (or anything else), so there's some excitement in that, doing one's laundry before it's due.

A good guitar session, another later this evening, I think I have it reasonably well covered. It's interesting to see how you make progress. A chord change that initially was very awkward, hard to see how it could ever get better, suddenly, after many days of practice, hops up to another level. Still not there, but suddenly the really awkward period reveals a clue or two about how it may look and feel when it does eventually get tighter. Not a black to white, night to day movement, just an “aha!”, I've made progress. Small steps, taken slowly, one at a time.

Two years, he says, to learn the basics. My first anniversary (taking lessons) coming up at the end of October. Goes fast, it does. Doesn't seem to as you're in the middle of it, you seem to learn too slowly to ever make progress, but then there's the little flash: you do learn, it does progress. Rock stardom: here it comes!

The photograph was taken at the Albany Solano Stroll Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.