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September 9, 2011

Where'd It Go?

Friday. I ended up watching an Inspector Morse episode on television last night that ran longer than I was expecting so I got to bed after eleven. That and installing a new much larger hard drive in the laptop made for a long evening, the operating system installing ninety-nine Vista updates after the initial installation with a four year old, came with the Dell laptop, operating system. Why I didn't load Windows 7 I don't know (could it have been the fact I don't have another license?) as Vista is clearly the devil's work, this from a former techie, by the way. Anyway, to bed late, up this morning an hour later than my norm.

OK, breakfast and then a trip to the lab to have the blood drawn. It's done, we won't argue the sequence. I thought about driving over to get it done before breakfast, much safer altogether in actually getting it done, not putting it off again when breakfast is finished, but it's Friday and I want the doctor's office to have the results this morning so they don't send me another bad patient letter. So complicated this health care business, this growing older. Still, we're still here, older. Better than the other option.

The skies have cleared now that it's ten and I'm debating the laundry. If I don't do it today I'll have to do it Tuesday. The weekend I leave to those here in the building who work during the week, give them a break, and Monday mornings one of the apartment managers has staked out for doing her laundry, so I figure the rest of the week is my territory. Rarely do I find anyone else in the laundry room following this schedule, which is nice.

Is that enough to rationalize away doing the laundry today?

More than enough. No need to overly obsess over laundry, after all, more than I do anyway.

Later. Descended in the elevator, looked right to the laundry room door, looked left to the front door, turned left and exited the building thinking I'd catch a bus to somewhere other than a laundry room. OK.

Missed the bus by less than a minute and decided to walk along the lake front thinking I've seen this scene how many times now as I took the picture, walked on farther passing the Grand Lake theater, stopping briefly to notice Contagion was starting in twenty minutes, walked on to the morning restaurant to have a cup of coffee and an apple turnover, walked back toward the theater, made a left, entered the theater and saw the movie. Seems to take quite a lot to get me into a theater anymore.

Liked the movie, by the way. Nothing too over the top (for the subject), no chair gripping moments, but a continuous interesting narrative with an ending I wasn't quite expecting. The reviews have been good and I'd have to agree. I suspect for people who are interesting in the making of movies this would be one to analyze (and enjoy) for its restraint in a genre where over the top is the norm.

Back home now at two in the afternoon having taken a picture on the fly of a fellow who was doing wind sprints near the library. Turned out reasonably well for a hip shot. Then a number of my photographs are essentially “hip shots”, photographs taken to catch a fleeting moment, some of which work, many of which don't. Just stating the obvious, plenty of history for this kind of photography (hup! hup!), not complaining about it.

Later still. Some guitar, some television, some time on the computer doing the usual stuff and continuing the Vista re-installation on the new, much larger hard drive. Takes too much time, although I notice it's running much faster. I'm keeping the installed programs to a minimum. I use it primarily to play the assigned songs while practicing the guitar, using a utility that allows me to slow them down without changing pitch, as well as play some of the CD sessions that come with assigned lessons. Too easy to go overboard on software that's never really used more than about once after it's installed.

Evening. Where'd it go?

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Pride festival Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.