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September 6, 2011

In The Mirror

Tuesday. Hi, ho. Another interminable screed yesterday gone over quickly this morning before posting - gotta think about that - up this morning after a decent night's sleep, off and back from breakfast at the usual hour. I was thinking of going by the supermarket after breakfast, but put it off. Shouldn't have done that.

Later. A pretty good day, I'd say, now that it's in the later afternoon. I found it difficult, for some reason, to talk myself out of the apartment. I need to go shopping and mentally listed what was needed, but couldn't convince myself to get in the car and drive the less than dozen blocks required. Same with a walk by the lake. I did finally get out the door but returned soon thereafter for no good reason. Curious.

I finally decided to go by Walden Pond and buy that Neil Young song collection I'd looked at yesterday. It contains much of his recorded music from 69’ through 73’, all nicely laid out with a number of large black and white photographs. Don't care all that much about the photographs, they're nice, nice to have them, but I definitely want to learn the songs. How can you say you play if you haven't memorized any recognizable music? I'm going to start with what? Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Justin Beiber? At my age?

How would you know? You don't really know anything about them.

I'm doing well to know their names. Let's not embarrass us any more than is necessary so soon in a week.

So, decision made, a spring in my step, I walked down to the book store (hup! hup!), bought the book, walked on then farther to the morning café for a turkey and swiss sandwich and an iced tea out on their patio. Returning, walking toward the theater, I noticed the first of these stuck to a parking meter on Grand. How long had they been there? Where had the series started? I'd think they'd last on the street - what - maybe less than an hour? Anyway, nice. Silly, but nice. Not unlike the way the day was playing out.

Walking along Grand beside the lake and stumbling upon this was in some ways of lesser interest, but still, how could you not take a photograph? Would you park it next to the lake with the top up, let alone with it down if it were yours? I'd wonder about that if I were driving. Still, I'd recently seen a (really nice) Ferrari parked along the curb, what do I know, here in you'll never see a car stolen by day or by night in boring old north by the lake Oakland? (Cheap shot, I like Oakland. A lot. I do. Really.)

Evening. So, time spent on another artandlife page having to do with a project I've been thinking of starting. It doesn't look all that bad, I'm looking forward to filling it out. Nice. No odd otherworldly problems with the sinuses and the brain or the limbs or the phase of the moon, so that's good, it's always good to have a clear headed afternoon.

Some time on the guitar, not enough to write home about, but I think things have fallen together for the lesson tomorrow. I didn't open the Neil Young song book, but maybe later, maybe tomorrow. Hup, hup and all that. We really do seem to be in a decent mood, how will I recognize myself in the mirror?

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco J-Pop Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.