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September 28, 2009

Sing It Before Bed
Monday. Back from the haircut this morning at noon, the sun just now breaking through the overcast. I had it written down on my wall calendar, the haircut appointment, eleven o'clock, but running on automatic pilot remembering my appointments are always at ten I arrived at ten to find someone sitting in the chair. My fault. I do ascribe this to age, to not thinking since I then recalled the conversation we had when we made the appointment, she saying there was someone already slated at ten and I thinking, well, if this Monday turns out to be a Monday they schedule an APL lunch, well, I'll be late. So, an hour at a coffee shop over a cafe mocha reading the East Bay Express until eleven, home now on the bus.

This sinus-head thing is acting up and it puts me into a kind of shell. Walking around the downtown under an overcast, for example, do I really need to do that? Do I really want to do that? Anymore? I can see how people find a bar after a certain age and drink themselves to oblivion. A comfortable sort of oblivion free of overcast days and bus rides, missed haircut appointments and cafe mochas, but then the sun comes out and these thoughts dissolve. I am not ready yet for a local bar filled with people my age other than now and then with friends. We'll talk about this with the doctor this coming month, maybe increase the dosage of this pain reliever, maybe go see another neurologist. An acupuncturist. A hoodoo voodoo daddy with street creds.

Later. OK, futzing with artandlife this last couple of hours, nothing posted, but it keeps me entertained. You don't have to be driving up the coast or photographing things that move the earth to have a good time. Must remember that. I'm very good at finding satisfaction in diddly little things, always have, must remember that's a plus. The inner geek. Not everyone can do that. An episode of aching sinus-head is but that, an episode that soon passes. Maybe remember to get away from the computer when such episodes arrive and not go off writing to distraction about them and whatever else may or may not be bugging me at the time. Cause I don't go back and delete.

We are drifting into old tired territory here, my friend.

We are. No sign of the repaired lens from Nikon yet, due today according to the UPS site. Life will not end if it arrives tomorrow. Or next week. Odd to spend so much time on camera hardware. Buying it. Repairing it. How about using it? There are rumors Nikon is releasing another D3 next month, a D3s. They're saying it doesn't have a full frame sensor which probably means it doesn't have the high ISO capability of the current D3. It shoots much faster, a burst rate of something like fourteen frames a second compared to the D3's eleven, which is nice I guess if you need it. Oh yes, and it will have full HD video capability, whatever that is, none of which interest me in the least. Which is good. I won't be tempted to buy one as it will undoubtedly cost a fortune I don't have. Hardware. I have plenty of hardware, don't need no more stinkin’ hardware, I need more (and better) pictures. Put that to music and sing it before bed.

The photograph was taken in North Beach heading for Specs Friday night in San Francisco with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor DX lens at f 4 at 1/400th second, ISO 200.