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September 10, 2009

I Would Think
Thursday. I remember now this Flonase inhaler was prescribed in the past when we were wrestling with the cause of this aching sinus-head thing I've had for years, the product, I'm pretty certain, of a jaw operation where the surgeon got up into my sinuses (clearing the air passages) and caused damage. Not good for your surgeon to get up in your sinus area unless he knows what he's doing and then maybe not then. But I digress. It had nothing to do with chest congestion, so I'm hopeful Flonase, whatever it is, whatever else it does, might help. It seems to have a kick to it, but then I think I've made mistakes in administering it and taken twice the recommended dose. If one is good, two must be better, right?

Other than that, breakfast at the usual place at the usual time over the usual newspapers. Back now with something of a cough, but after a decent night's sleep, the various chest and cough symptoms continuing to recede. Gives me hope for the coming weekend. The Solano Stroll. I haven't photographed it in the last couple of years and the one page I have displayed on artandlife has two photos missing, so this year is the year, this weekend is the weekend to fix it. Tacky, don't you think, having two holes (without explanation) on your photo site? Tacky? Unprofessional? I thought you might.

You seem comfortable with tacky.

Not comfortable, not too comfortable, anyway, but there are so many ways to rationalize it. So many Zen koans, so many urban myths, so many varieties of alcohol ready to help you along. Tacky is part of the smorgasbord, just best not to make it your one main course. Unless everything else seems overly stressful and onerous and tacky seems your one way out.

It's best when writing a book, I'm told, to have something in your upbringing that keeps you awake some nights, the more nights, the better the book. My question has always been: is it better to have lived a driven life in order to write a book or is it better to have lived a life where you've managed many a good long night's rest? So many ways to walk the tight rope of life, so many ways to fall. We'll go with some tacky and sloth for balance here in Oakland and call it success. Call it whatever we want.

Later. A high today and tomorrow of ninety degrees, thirty-two Celsius. Fooey. It feels it. The laundry is finishing up downstairs and they've completed a repair on my leaky bathtub faucet. Is this enough for a day? A day with no pictures in the hopper for tomorrow's entry? Doing the laundry is good enough for a day's work around here, let me tell you. Sloth and tacky make good companions. I'm sitting in front of the fan on September 10th, ready for fog. And fall. And winter.

There will come a day soon enough when you'll regret that statement.

Actually I've been thinking all this weight loss gives me an excuse to buy new winter stuff, a coat or two, some pants, shirts, who knows? Shoes! A man with a warm (but not too warm) coat that fits is a man who should be able to keep his mouth shut and focus on his photography. I would think. IMHO.

The photograph was taken in an area in front of the Oakland City Hall with an on the fritz Nikon D2H mounted with a 35mm f 2.0 Nikkor lens at f 8 at 1/320th second, ISO 200.