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September 7, 2009

Way Too Long
Monday. Here I sit in the same chair at pretty much the same time as I sat yesterday morning and all the things I said then apply. A little less sleep, but more than enough; a little more sake last night, but not too much; and the day, like all days, is about to begin.

I will talk to the doctor tomorrow about the chest and the cough. It's getting better, but ever so slowly and that, I suspect, is not altogether good. Maybe there is something they can give me for it, can't be sure until I've asked. Besides, I promised someone I would. Otherwise we pretty much have the same things on our plate today as we had yesterday and I'm curious as to which will win out.

I did run a print, one of the first in a while, on the big Epson 3800 (the ink supply is running low! oh! oh!) for Roy of Roy's, a bar where I've mentioned I meet on occasion with the usual crew, a photograph I took leaving the last time we were there. I like the photograph, not sure why, odd color under the lights and all, but I suspect he'll like it too, if only for the number of photographs and such he has up on his walls. And, anyone who keeps an old pickup in that kind of condition will not be offended by a photograph. I've had some thought of adding a more exotic element to the image, such as a scantily clad model, but that would take too much energy. Sad to say: the old frat boy-high school kid in me has drifted away.

I moaned about the Epson ink running low. I've had it now for two years and have yet to buy ink. The printer is large, it weighs forty-three pounds, it's designed for high quality production, but it contains nine ink cartridges: nine large ink cartridges, three of them shades of black and, although it produces a great color or black and white print with what Epson describes as special archival quality inks, they are expensive. The modules each run around fifty dollars. And all nine are running low. Ho, ho.

People need to know that?

It helps to explain why I take to sake in the evenings, often when the moon is full and the urge to print photographs has been known to strike.

Later. Let's let later come later. I'm running way too long as it is.

The photograph was taken of a Beauty supply shop window on Grand Avenue in Oakland with a Nikon D2X mounted with an 17 - 55mm f 2.8 Nikkor DX lens at f 2.8 at 1/250th second, ISO 100.