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September 5, 2009

Take It Easy
Saturday. Nice clouds this morning. Some drama to them, nice dark greys and light greys going to white. None I photographed, of course, but nice driving to breakfast none the less. Up and awake at five, having gotten to bed and sleep early last night. Ten instead of eleven is early. No coughing to keep me from getting to sleep, although it had built up in the lungs and was ready when I awoke. Up now for two hours, the coughing pretty much gone by breakfast, nothing to disturb the waitress or the other diners. There were no other diners. A reasonably good start to a long weekend, I guess, not a lot different from the norm. Here in Oakland.

Nothing much out there to photograph. No festivals I want to attend. An art festival in Sausalito. No need to go to that. Something about a business festival or fair in Rockridge just up the way, but I'm not sure “business” calls to me at the moment. What business? Buy something from a Rockridge store? I may be wrong, they may be into funny business, but I wouldn't count on it. Knowing Rockridge.

Later. That was fast, a nice hour's nap, falling asleep without a cough, up now a bit groggy but better rested. The sky still overcast, the computer frozen when I checked it (not happy to see that) but this cough is better and slowly continues to improve. Please.

Afternoon now, the sun out, the humidity climbing. Where to go for a walk? In the past I've driven or taken a bus without particularly thinking about it to a number of places I no longer visit. The bay bridge is closed through the weekend so that will affect traffic, no need to go anywhere near a highway, but where? Have I gotten to “terminal where”? The dread “terminal where”? I have no idea. It's all undoubtedly hormonal or chemical or associated with the werewolves who live next door (wasn't there a full moon last night?), over which I have no control. Still, a sunny day, I can at least go out and look at the lake. The fresh air generally changes my attitude in about ten seconds. Five seconds.

Maybe you need to try something that doesn't involve photographs, cameras, sake, bars, the occasional baseball game, restaurants, shopping for cat food, PhotoShop, computers or long exhausting drives up the coast?

What? A trip to the morgue?

Later still. Today is a day for naps and hibernation (once I've made an ice cream run). I've burned a series of DVD's backing up photographs and printed labels, a task I made more complicated than it needed to be. Days of malaise. Nothing to worry about, nothing to complain about, it's a long weekend and I'm going to take it easy.

The photograph was taken while looking at the 2009 Oakland Art & Soul Festival from the APL building patio with a Nikon D2X mounted with an 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at f 5.6 at 1/30th second, ISO 100.