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Ms. Emmy in the evening.

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September 14, 2008

Days Of Summer
Sunday. Another overcast morning coming off a cool evening in the mid fifties, the temperature rather nice for people like me who get overly excited whenever the thermometer gets up into the high seventies to low eighties. I'd say the attitude is good after breakfast and reading the paper at the usual place, the head clear after a couple of glasses of wine last night.

A couple of glasses?

Three. Better two, but three is still a breeze. I stayed up late and watched Princess Atsu skate along the political edge in my unending Saturday night sub-titled Japanese soap with both coherence and interest, the evening clearly a success.

I am, of course, out of pictures at the moment, forced to mine old Carnaval parades for photographs and, although there's a street festival I've attended in the past in Berkeley today, I'm going to skip it for reasons too dumb to admit here in public. Given the range of reasons I am obviously willing to admit to (here), this particular one must be a doozy and it is. Still, no photographs will force me to get off my duff and go forth looking for new subjects, something not altogether tragic. Old man, new subjects. I've said it now so many times without acting you'd think I'd be depressed. Or amused. Amused would be best.

Later. OK, a decent walk to the downtown late this morning, a cup of coffee at Peet's sitting out at one of their tables in the shade, a hot link across the way in the City Center and then a bus this time back to the apartment. The sinus-head thing was in the way, as it's always in the way, a certain level of peering out and about checking the sidewalk out, wondering if I really wanted to be there in my condition on a Sunday in Oakland, but no vertigo or any of the other stuff that makes me think about this business of being in my sixties and where that may be going.

Boo, hoo.

Yeah, maybe. I do go on, but then again that seems to be what I've got going on. Pictures in the mail to my sister and cousins tomorrow, maybe plan a long weekend one of these weekends pretty soon to see how a long weekend might work in these declining days of summer.

The photograph was taken of Ms. Emmy with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/10th second, f 2.8, ISO 500.