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At a wedding party in Seattle.

Under here.

September 10, 2008

With Pictures
Wednesday. I had some sake last night, silly me, but up this morning clear headed enough for all that. To breakfast at the usual place, an hour to read the papers, back now with the sun poking through the clouds.

A drive back to the restaurant area to take a picture of the two cents a gallon lower gas prices posted on the Chevron sign. I'd made it a point to look at the sign earlier as I was leaving after breakfast, thinking: had the price changed and should I wait for the light, cross the street and take a picture or give in to early morning sloth? Sloth. Sloth often wins out, although I was fairly certain this morning that it had changed and I'd have to come back.

Sloth this, sloth that, sloth is an acrobat that can apparently jump up in front of you at the drop of a hat. That said the apartment shows signs of improvement from my cleaning efforts yesterday, some thought to do more today. Probably a way to avoid working on all these wedding pictures. Just kidding. No, really. Everything is on track.

Later. OK, the afternoon is half over, the PBS News Hour is playing in the background, I've been futzing with the laptop getting the Bluetooth keyboard to function properly. I know one or two of you have laptop setups in your bedrooms, doing your this and thats while in bed. I have a laptop setup in my bedroom and I haven't found a way to make any of it comfortable to work with yet.

Embarrassing for an ex-techie, you would think, life lived on the teetering technological edge. Like all those folks in Haiti, right now, water up to their collective tits; talking, I'm sure, of their Bluetooth issues in between searching for uncontaminated water and lost relatives. I wonder if they favor Dell over Compaq, Windows over Linux, Safari over Firefox?

Where'd that come from?

A reminder of how really easy I have it here wondering if I should rearrange the living room now or put it off until later; finish the wedding pictures now or do them after dinner; poke a lens out the window now or poke a lens out of a window later, when the sun's gone down and the gang bangers are out on the streets stalking pedestrians? I'm not into guilt, but I feel a certain need to remember, if it turns out there's an afterlife, there may be consequences to giving into sloth and sake. Maybe send something to one of the current candidates, to an NGO, to an Haitian relief fund not connected to terrorists. After dinner. After the week is finished.

My, my.

Later still. Watched the news, don't want to watch the news no more. Time to fiddle with pictures.

The photograph was taken at a wedding party in Seattle with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/20th second, f 2.8, ISO 4000.