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San Francisco Gay Pride parade

September 24th, 2006

Time Is Up
Sunday. A digital workflow class today. I was thinking during the morning, well, I'd picked up a couple of things, I suppose it's worth the effort. In the afternoon, however, I realized I knew nothing about PhotoShop, knew nothing about how to color balance and otherwise manage raw images (which is important, as all I shoot are raw images) and that I needed a week to work with this stuff and get my act on track. Then again, returning home, I've poured a flask of sake and I'm sitting here thinking, well, I should certainly get to it pretty quick, but tomorrow, old man, tomorrow.

So, a reasonably good day in San Francisco. Lunch at Tad's Steak House, a hole in the wall walk through a line with a tray steak house where I always buy their special: steak, baked potato and salad. And a Corona, of course. One must not be remiss with the niceties. The head full of cement, unfortunately, no desire to walk about afterward with the camera. The head is still not well, but I've only been off these cholesterol pills for a week now and the doctor said three so I'll give it a while and worry about it when my time is up.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70-200mm 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/320th, f 2.8, ISO 100.